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Follow the story of Audrey as she looks for her sister in Provence.

Find Hidden Objects, and solve puzzles on your travels.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery of Provence, with stunning locations,and intriguing characters this Hidden Object Game will come to life in front of your eyes.

Murder In Provence introduces Audrey, going on holiday to see her sister using real pictures of Provence and coming into the airport. Almost immediately you need to find a few hidden objects, with high quality pictures and easy gameplay you are instantly brought into the game.

Each object hunt has a timer counting upwards, with higher bonuses awarded the quicker that you find all of the objects. These bonuses come in 2 forms, coins won to purchase abilities in the game, and stars awarded for higher score values. Stars are needed to unlock the puzzles that fill in the story line, and help you progress further into the game.

The coins are used to gain tips and hints for the puzzles, as well as spent on hints in the Hidden Object window. The higher your score on each Hidden Object search the more coins that you will be awarded.

Each time that you try a Hidden Object window, it will cost energy, the higher levels of the game require more energy. Energy will slowly come back over time, but it is also awarded for every puzzle you complete, you can ask your Facebook friends for energy, and you can purchase it for real money.

As the story develops you will meet several characters, visit many and varied locations, and at each one you will find a new Hidden Object window, and a new puzzle or 3. Each time needing more stars to unlock the puzzles and progress the story.

Murder In Provence has some very nice set pieces for the Hidden Objects, and the addition of the puzzles is a nice twist, helping you engage in the story, and keeping the Hidden Object games fresh and rewarding. Provence Summary