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Hidden Object Puzzle Games List

Most Played Hidden Object Puzzle Games
Hidden object games that contain mini-puzzles or mini-games embedded in them which are not hidden objects-related. Criminal Case

Criminal Case

Classic Hidden Objects Investigation Hidden Object Puzzle 8.1 Rate Join the Police of Grimsborough to solve a series of cases in this captivating hidden object, adventure game.

Work crime scenes for clues, interview witnesses and suspects, and carefully analyze evidence to catch the true killers.

Play through all the levels and find the culprits and lock them away.
Ravenhill Asylum

Ravenhill Asylum

Classic Hidden Objects Horror Hidden Object Puzzle 6.8 Rate Hunt down hidden objects in a timed asylum themed world.

Unlock the story as you find special quest items.

Play alone or with friends in this polished Facebook Game.
Mirrors of Albion

Mirrors of Albion

Classic Hidden Objects Hidden Object Puzzle 9 Rate Help Cheshire Jr. and the Mirror London Police solve crimes.

Play through lovely Hidden Object Windows.

Use special technology and Hints to help you.
Journals Of The Unknown


Classic Hidden Objects Investigation Hidden Object Adventure Hidden Object Puzzle 7.3 Rate Play through intriguing Hidden Object windows.

Walk through the world and search for special items.

Earn coins to spend on special items to help you search.
Hotel Enigma

Hotel Enigma

Classic Hidden Objects Hidden Object Puzzle 5.9 Rate Play Hotel Enigma free on Facebook and enter a fantastic mystery in a luxury setting.

Collect plot items in amazing hidden object windows.

Use themed special items to assist your investigation.

Complete collections for powerful items and story objects.
Voyage to Fantasy

Voyage to Fantasy

Classic Hidden Objects Hidden Object Puzzle 7.5 Rate Voyage to Fantasy is a Free Hidden Object Game played through Facebook, join the adventure as you go looking for items and magical creatures to save.

Find objects in amazing and beautiful scenes.

Play a variety of different styles of hidden object window.

Unlock and use awesome powers on your adventure.


Classic Hidden Objects Hidden Object Puzzle 10 Rate Establish your very own prosperous business empire in this addictive game filled with activities for you to do.

Solve fun hidden object scenes to get some extra currency and experience under your belt.

Explore and unlock new areas to expand your business even further.


Classic Hidden Objects Garden Flowers Hidden Object Puzzle 7 Rate Return to your grandfather’s mansion and use your skills to return its garden to its once flourishing state.

Play through fast paced hidden object scenes where you’ll have to beat the clock to succeed.

Complete bonus tasks to earn extra currency that you can utilize for your garden.
Dead Reckoning: Brassfield Manor

Dead Reckoning: Brassfield Manor

Hidden Object Adventure Hidden Object Puzzle - Rate Solve a crime mystery by using your wits and detective skills.

Talk with people and find the suspects in what seems to be a crime very hard to solve.

Explore beautifully rendered, exciting game worlds and peruse them as you see fit.
Big City Adventure Tokyo

Big City Adventure Tokyo

Hidden Object Puzzle 2 Rate Explore the farthest stretches of Tokyo in this wonderful hidden object game.

Earn key items on your journey and unlock wider areas to prospect as your clear the puzzles.

Scour through the varying item list with lots of scenes throughout the game.