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3 Games Like Disco Elysium

Rate this Article Do you want to play something akin to Disco Elysium? Well, we can't blame you since it's one of the best games ever made. Thankfully, there are other games that provide a similar experience. Hidden Object Games - 3 Games Like Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium was released in 2019 and created quite a stir with its innovative gameplay. The story-driven RPG was not only popular with fans, but it also won multiple accolades. For a strictly story-based adventure game, the game employs RPG mechanics. Because combat is replaced with dialogues, the success of dialogue options is determined by stats and dice rolls.

The Final Cut edition re-release, which also brings it to other platforms, has brought the game back into the spotlight. Try any of the games below if you're looking for something similar to Disco Elysium. They are prime examples that feature dialogue-heavy storylines like Disco Elysium.

Kentucky Route Zero

Kentucky Route Zero is a point-and-click strategy game that follows a network of secret cave roadway below Kentucky. It was cited by ZA/UM as an inspiration for Disco Elysium. The strange people that use the location for travel are equally as fascinating as the setting itself. Kentucky Route Zero's gameplay revolves around such individuals and the experiences they have to tell.
Instead of focusing on ingenious riddles or skill challenges to draw gamers in, atmosphere, characterization , and storytelling are the core of the game, with the narrative serving as the main objective of finishing the game.

80 Days

This interactive story, loosely inspired by Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days, takes place in 1872, with players following ambitious explorer Monsieur Phileas Fogg on his tour around the world. The title visits a variety of well-known locales and monuments throughout the course of the 80-day adventure, providing branching pathways and various dialogue prompts based on the choices made.
In addition to the chats, the decisions made in 80 Days have an impact on the main plot, allowing for several playthroughs as well as plenty of mysteries to be discovered. The vibe of 80 Days is much more upbeat, bright, and happy, making it an excellent palate cleanser for anyone who feels a little gloomy after listening to Disco Elysium.

Pathologic 2

Do you wish there was a little bit more darker themes in Disco Elysium? If you responded yes and can't get enough horrors, Pathologic 2 is your best bet in your gaming journey. The tale of Pathologic 2 is both terrifying and fascinating, since the imaginary village of Town-on-Gorkhon reflects a strange and superstitious blend of old beliefs and the 1917 Russian culture.

You're forced into the shoes of a surgeon named Artemy Burakh, who has been tasked with helping his father remove a peculiar ailment. However, nothing is what it seems when he arrives, and he barely makes it out alive.

The only way out is to determine what is making the residents of Town-on-Gorkhon ill and insane. The only hitch is that you only have 12 days to solve the pandemic. You have a variety of options for completing this objective, including looting, murder, mugging, stealing, and bartering.

Disco Elysium is still one of the most unique games out there. If you're still seeking for something to do after the credits roll, try some of the games listed above or any of the games on this list; you'll be glad you did!

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