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4 Hidden Object Games for Christmas

Rate this Article Here are four HO games that you would definitely want to add to your library just in time for Christmas. Hidden Object Games - 4 Hidden Object Games for Christmas

Christmas is in the air! For an avid Hidden Object gamer, what else is best to pass the time until the click strikes 12 but to play an HO game?

Here are four HO games that you would definitely want to add to your library just in time for Christmas.

Let’s start off on a jolly note. With that, you will find Holly: A Christmas Tale Deluxe the right fit for you. This game is a laid-back, fun-filled take on how people celebrate Christmas, particularly our protagonist Holly. Follow her story as she gets off work, and uses the remaining time until 12 midnight to prepare for a small Christmas party with her friends and family.

Unlike the three other games in this list, Holly: A Christmas Tale Deluxe does not have the suspense or the sense of urgency. Instead, it shows the story of an ordinary young lady just waiting for Christmas to come. The theme is maximized by the repertoire of holiday songs playing in the background. Meanwhile, the images are brightly lit, effectively emulating the jovial mood that Christmas should inspire in each and every one of us.

If you want a story that touches the heart of Christmas itself, then, by all means, give Yuletide Legends: The Brothers Claus Collector’s Edition a try!

This is the tale of Santa Claus himself, and his evil brother Varyk. In this game, an elf named Tinsel inadvertently released the imprisoned brother after being tricked. Now, as the world faces the possibility of Christmas being plunged into darkness, Tinsel must now undo the mischief that Varyk has done as he attempts to eradicate Christmas from the memory of the entire world.

That’s a story you don’t get to encounter every day, not to mention every Christmas. Who ever thought Santa Claus had a brother, and this brother wants to erase Christmas from existence?

Story may not be important to some people, and it is this group of gamers that can certainly appreciate Christmas Wonderland 6! This game lets you barge through a non-stop sequence of Hidden Object puzzles interspersed with many games in between. There’s no story in this one; instead, the developers want you to focus on the many different HO puzzles that they have prepared for you.

Of course, you can relive the feeling of celebrating Christmas the entire time with Christmas-themed graphics and imagery.

Finally, we have Christmas Stories 3: Hans Christian Andersen’s Tin Soldier. This game shows what can happen when someone makes a decision that has dire consequences, and all because he was spurned.

The game lets you take the role of a friend of a couple, whose wedding was practically crashed when somebody opposed to the union cast a magic spell that turned everybody into toys. It is then your job to delve through the mystery and try to reverse the effects of the spell so everyone can be happy in time for Christmas!

That’s enough motivation to do what the game wants you to do!

It’s not too late to shop around for games this Christmas, and these four games, which you can purchase from Big Fish, come highly recommended.

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