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4 Hidden Object Games that We Miss

Rate this Article There’s always an end to certain things, even popular online games. Thus, we had to say goodbye to some games that we and other players have loved for some time. Hidden Object Games - 4 Hidden Object Games that We Miss

There’s always an end to certain things, even popular online games. Thus, we had to say goodbye to some games that we and other players have loved for some time. Let us now look back at four Hidden Object games that we truly miss, months after their untimely demise.

Hidden Chronicles

From the makers of equally popular virtual world sims like Cityville and Farmville comes the excellent Hidden Object game Hidden Chronicles.

The premise of the game is simple - you’ve been summoned to the manor of your deceased uncle after his death, and you have to follow a storyline by solving HO puzzles and chapters. What makes this game stands out, however, is the incorporation of virtual world mechanics into an HO game. One of these mechanics is the virtual space that you need to develop and enhance, but this isn’t an incentive. You’d need to do this step in order to unlock new characters and chapters.

You can also leave puzzles in your friends’ virtual spaces as a challenge, giving this game an excellent social aspect that we surely will miss.

Nat Geo: World of Secrets

Nat Geo: World of Secrets followed in the same vein of innovation and uniqueness as Hidden Chronicles.

The puzzles are not always the same in this game. At first, you’ll have a list-based HO puzzle but, the next time you’d need to solve another one, you’ll be facing another type of HO puzzle. Instead of a list of items, you might need to find them based on their silhouettes.

What makes this game unique, however, is the presence of quests. This gives the game a virtual world feel rather than a hidden object game. Several users have been amazed and captivated by this seamless combination of two different gameplay systems.

Hidden Agenda

This game doesn’t want to get left behind, and its developers sure went the extra mile to make this game as spectacular as possible.

In Hidden Agenda, you find yourself in a town that looks as peaceful as can be, but is actually a war zone between two influential families. There’s no one you can trust, as everyone in the town have their own deep, dark secrets that they try to keep hidden.

While the gameplay mechanics are familiar, the premise that surrounds the plotline of the game is enough to get any Hidden Object fan totally immersed in Hidden Agenda. Too bad, the game has ben discontinued.

Disney Hidden Worlds

When it comes to quality, nothing beats Disney. This focus on quality and exceptional experience is quite evident in Disney Hidden Worlds, which was available on Facebook before it was unfortunately discontinued.

The game was undoubtedly popular because of its recreation of important scenes in popular Disney animated movies, which include Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and many others, as seen in the eyes of Chrona and the Inklings, unique characters created specifically for the game.

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