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4 Unsolved Mysteries and Lore in The Elder Scrolls Online Universe

Rate this Article The Elder Scrolls Online and the entirety of the Elder Scrolls universe have their fair share of mysteries and unexplored lore. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable ones: Hidden Object Games - 4 Unsolved Mysteries and Lore in The Elder Scrolls Online Universe

The Elder Scrolls Online and The Elder Scrolls franchise has massive and extensive lore that puts most fantasy stories to shame. The entire story spans millennia, with games being separated by centuries. For example, the events of ESO happened a thousand years before Alduin’s return in Skyrim. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you’re raring to explore Tamriel and learn about new stories. This makes it an option to buy ESO gold, especially if you want to hasten your progress in its massive universe.

All things considered, it’s not surprising to think that the Elder Scrolls has its fair share of mysteries and unexplored lore. From the shores of Akavir to the depths of Tamriel, here are some of the most notable ones:

What exactly happened to the Dwemer?

Dwemer ruin in Skyrim

The Dwemer, or the Dwarves, are a race of elves who mainly lived underground. Compared to other races, from mere humans to all other elven races, they were the most technologically advanced. Their feats in science and engineering have yet to be replicated. It felt like they were living in the Industrial Age while everyone else lived in the Middle Ages. They built automatons (robots), stone structures, and other mechanical objects using their skills and knowledge.

However, they disappeared during the Battle of the Red Mountain. No one knows precisely what happened, but according to sources, a Dwemer engineer, Kagrenac, attached the Dwemer race to the Heart of Lorkhan. One can speculate that the Dwemer tried to use the heart to turn the tide of war, but it led to their entire race’s disappearance instead.

The Akaviri

Skyhaven Temple is an Akaviri construct

Located to the east of Tamriel is the continent of Akavir. Several races inhabit the mysterious land, and despite being separated by the massive Pandemaic Ocean, they have had a considerable influence on the events in Tamriel. After all, they built several strongholds and temples in the continent, with the most notable being the Sky Haven Temple in Skyrim.

The Akaviri have had several incursions into Tamriel, and although the two invasions started relatively well, they were repulsed with incredible difficulty. In addition, Emperor Uriel V Septim even went as far as invading Akaviri lands, which led to his death and defeat at the Battle of Ionith.

Not much is known about Akavir, except that its inhabitants are a collection of unrelated races. The most notable are the Tsaeci, who, according to legend, are immortal vampiric serpent men who ate the island’s human inhabitants. Since Uriel V’s invasion, no one exactly knows what is happening in Akavir, and the reasons why they set their sights on Tamriel. One can only hope their lore will be explored in future titles.

Planes of the Daedric Princes

Mehrunes Dagon temple in Skyrim

In a nutshell, the Daedric Princes are the most powerful Daedra who inhabit the realm of Oblivion. You can find many of them on Skyrim, as well as throughout the world of Elder Scrolls Online. The most notorious are Mehrunes Dagon, the Prince of Destruction, and Sheogorath, the Prince of Madness whose motives are known to no one.

Worshipped as gods throughout Tamriel, no one knows why they continue to interfere in the mortal realm. Some of them have wreaked havoc, especially Mehrunes Dagon. A few others cooperate with and have the inhabitants of Nirn (the entire world) as their servants, particularly Nocturnal and Malacath.

So… when is the next game?

High Rock in Skyrim

Possibly the most notable mystery of them all is the location and release date of the next game, rumored to take place in High Rock, home of the Bretons. As of writing, it’s been 10 years since the last mainline game, so until then, we’ll have to go through the many editions of Skyrim and have fun in the world of ESO.

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