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5 Hidden Object Games for Grandma

Rate this Article Come and check out these 5 fun titles that are available in Games4Grandma. Hidden Object Games - 5 Hidden Object Games for Grandma

Hidden object games are one of the types of puzzles that were played way before the internet. It was and is still loved by many people around the globe as there are different ways for you to you can play them today. So come check out our list of titles that you can enjoy in Games4Granda from the comfort of your computer, laptop, or even your smartphone.

1. The Hidden Antique Shop

Looking for the items in The Hidden Antique Shop

First on the list is The Hidden Antique Shop where you get to locate all the little trinkets and baubles in the queer store. There are three versions with various available places for you to enjoy. The mechanics of the game are designed to be simple and you don’t have to learn a lot of complicated instructions to win. You just need to beat the clock and find all the items to go to the next stage.

2. Hidden Objects Crime Scene

Play as the detective in Hidden Objects Crime Scene

Another one on the list lets you live out your dream of being an investigator with Hidden Objects Crime Scene. Try to solve mysteries and find out what really happened between the victims and their assailants. It features an awesome set of graphics and sound effects which increases the immersion and enjoyment of its players.

3. Uncle Hank’s Hidden Objects

Watch out for the big scary in Uncle Hank’s Hidden Objects

The third one we got for you has a lot of versions that you can play. If you ever finish this one, there are still titles like Uncle Hank’s Hidden Objects: The Haunted Quest, Green Revolution, Dragon’s Tale, and more. You are sure to get your fill of these games and they have their unique locations and areas when you try them all out.

4. The Hidden Beauty Lifestyle

Feel gorgeous in The Hidden Beauty Lifestyle

Find all the items and get to look your best in the fun-filled fourth title we have in The Hidden Beauty Lifestyle. You can finish the puzzles and be glamorous at the same time with every stage you complete. It features a simple set of controls as you only got to click or tap on the objects you think are correct. You do not need to go through painstakingly long tutorials just to start playing it.

5. The Hidden Christmas Spirit

Look for the holiday spirits in The Hidden Christmas Spirit

The last one we have for you is holiday-themed and there are more titles just like it for you to explore in The Hidden Christmas Spirit. You can try and check out Hidden Valentine’s Fairytale if you want love to be in the air or you can give The Haunted Haloween a try. These are just a few games that you can play if there is a certain festivity going on and you want to relax or bond among your family or friends.

To sum it all up, these are just a few Hidden Object Games that are available at Games4Grandma. It features awesome graphics with a great set of background music and sound effects to complete the whole package. You can access it as long as you have an internet connection and a working browser. So come give it a try now and see if you can solve it all.

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