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5 Hidden Object Games that Give You the Creeps

Rate this Article Get a hold of five wonderfully executed hidden object adventures that will surely give you the creeps in this special Halloween article treat! Hidden Object Games - 5 Hidden Object Games that Give You the Creeps

Seeded by the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain (the first day of November, celebrated by the ancient Celts as a festival marking the beginning of winter), Halloween has always been fastened with ghosts, spirits, and ghoul stories of some sort – due to the ancient belief that the change of seasons opens up a connection to the spirit world.

And so today, we piled up a great list of hidden object games to fascinate you not only with their alluring challenges and polish, but also to give you the creeps entwined with the festivities of the season. A total of 5 wonderfully executed games from top developers – that shall lend you an exhilarating sense of enjoyment to match the Halloween vibe.

To start our list, we give you Hallowed Legends: Samhain. The title lets you follow through the story of the main character as she reminisces a fallen relationship with a guy named Robert. A few years later, when Robert became obsessed with following supernatural leads, lead him to Cornwall, England. After receiving a disturbing overseas phone call from him, you decided to go find out yourself what has happened and to send aid to your ex-fiance’s call.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Hallowed Legends: Samhain is how it presents it’s gameplay. Similar to most top quality production games from the same publisher, you find a hidden object game that is housed with varying features in its gameplay. Starting off with the hidden object scenes, aside from the dynamic presentation of the scenes, you’ll find three different types including the usual list items to fetch type, the figure silhouette type, and the puzzle intensified style of scenes which are truly wonderful to play through.

To follow up your thirst for thrills, we have Haunted Hotel: Ancient Bane. In this game, players take on the role of the ever-reliable assistant to the famous detective, James. Players begin their journey to the unknown by first exploring the outer grounds of the hotel. As the game is heavy on investigation and discovery, players must keep watch on the subtle changes in the game icons and mouse cursors to catch a few clues on the development of the game. The game improves on the promise of providing players with a solid and thrilling story, along with impressive graphics and a highly interactive gameplay.

Another great thrilling hidden object game is the Haunted Legends: Curse of Vox
. The story picks up when a renowned collector is murdered right in his home, and becomes the biggest news of the time. The death of collector Ariman Filler is shrouded in mystery as the case does not only involve the search of the murderer but also the quest to find the missing Book of Wishes Vox. The mystical book seems to be the only thing that is keeping lost spirits from wandering around and causing disturbances around the estate.

This is where you pick up - with the extreme task of solving both of the cryptic incidents falls under you - the detective in the story. The game begins with a summon letter from Sylvia Filler, sister of the deceased art collector, requesting assistance from the player to solve the case. It seems that the detective is someone well-versed in the supernatural and the mysterious. Curse of the Vox, also promises a stunning graphics along with its captivating story. It is one game to effectively provide you with exhilarating entertainment, as well as a chance to hone your mental capacities.

If you’re a fan of horror stuffs, then this hidden object game is ripe for the taking and definitely holds a promise for you. The game Haunted Legends: The Undertaker is reminiscent of that survival horror title that spawned a successful movie franchise, but set in the different time period. Players will definitely enjoy the story and the zombies that pop up every now and then should definitely give you those heart pumping thrills you'd expect from it. The zombies, however, are inconsequential to your quest and that is to solve the mystery of why they rose up in the first place.

Lastly, we give you Spirits of Revenge: Cursed Castle. The premise of the game takes place in the modern times, in a fictional castle called the Flatsbury Castle somewhere in England. A constable and an inspector have come to inspect the castle after reports have come in, and they find only the sole daughter of the current Lord Flatsbury inside the castle. The castle mysteriously closes after the inspector has stepped out carrying the little girl, Jessie, with him. You pick up on the game as the humble detective - summoned to investigate the happenings in Flatsbury Castle in order to find out what happened to its Lord and Lady, and why Jessie was spared.

These five titles are just but a few among the great list of hidden object games that we have recently played - honing much of the thrilling stuff to set you the vibe of the season. They all are great titles to enjoy with, as well as give you quite the challenge to beat. Happy Halloween!

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