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5 Scary Hidden Object Games

Rate this Article Sometimes we want to play a game that is a little different, or one that is a little darker than the normal, but sometimes we also want to jump and these games can provide all of that for you, and a little more too. Hidden Object Games - 5 Scary Hidden Object Games

Sometimes we want to play a game that is a little different, or one that is a little darker than the normal, but sometimes we also want to jump and these games can provide all of that for you, and a little more too.

Sometimes there are games that have you on the edge of your seat, and then make you jump out of them. To be honest, these games are really fun to play and I really like involving myself in a story that just gets me or has a darker side to it. These games are not for everyone, especially younger kids.

Sometimes it can just be the places you explore, without even having ghosts leap out at you, or howls in the night. There are some games that just build up the suspense without you even realizing that its there until a big moment or something moves on the edge of the screen. These games can really get your heart racing and if the story is really good you find yourself completely immersed in it.

If you want a change of pace, or a game that is purely for adults with a dark or horror theme, then I thought I would bring you a list of games that I both enjoyed, and I must admit, made me more than a little afraid of the dark. Or in one case afraid of hotels! This list is of course purely personal, and I would caution you before you play them that there are moments that will make you jump and the stories are not all happy.

Haunted Hotel: Death Sentence takes you on a dark adventure where you receive a letter from your friend James, who it appears is already dead by the time you get the letter. You journey to a hotel to try and help him and discover that James’s case is not an isolated one, suddenly there is a murderer around and you have to try and stop him. Full of tense moments and a dark atmosphere this hunt takes on a whole new life as you play.

In Ravenhill Asylum you play a young woman trying to find her grandfather as she arrives at an Asylum looking for him. As you would imagine a game set in an asylum has a lot of potential for spooky or just plain weird things and people going on. And this game does not disappoint as you battle monsters in the corridors and meet some very creepy characters.

Begin a fantastical history lesson in Vampire Legends: The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bathory as you are tasked with finding a missing daughter in the medieval countryside of an eastern Europe country. Here you will find that not everything is as it seems and a lot of young women seem to have disappeared, and as you can guess from the title, the cause is somewhat scary and powerful. With a lot of twists and turns this story really keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Phantasmat: The Endless Night takes you to an evening at the Prom, where your daughter is about to go an enjoy herself, but instead you are both taken back in time to a terrible accident that took the lives of everyone at a prom 50 years ago. Your daughter is now missing and you have to find her. In an adventure full of jump out of your seat moments and a little dark humor there is a lot to enjoy in this game.

When a family is cursed by a demon in Ominous Objects: Family Portrait you know you are in for an interesting adventure and this game really takes you on one. From the start you are beset by strange people and events as you try to lift the curse that has haunted generations. With stunning gameplay and a really high quality look, as well as a brilliant story this game has it all for you to enjoy.

Each of these games was one that I really enjoyed playing, and there was also a sense of relief when you finished it, very much like when you read a book or see a scary movie. The fact that games can produce this feeling is amazing, and because of this I will keep looking for this kind of game, and they are really fun when you find them. I hope you like them, and can finish them too because they are well worth the time.

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