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5 Things We’d Like to See in Hidden Object Games

Rate this Article Here are 5 things that we would like to see added to hidden object games, while we love them and they are a lot of fun, sometimes we wish for a little more, and this is what we want. Hidden Object Games - 5 Things We’d Like to See in Hidden Object Games

Hidden object games are quite addictive and a properly designed hidden object game has the potential to get a player completely hooked on it and journey on until the very end because they offer pretty much everything such as high quality visuals, top notch gameplay and a really gripping plot. Although they’re pretty great on their own, in this article we’ll be discussing the things that can make these games even greater than they already are.

The first thing that would greatly improve any hidden object game is the addition of more dynamic backgrounds. While the environments of these games are quite nice thanks to the level of detail within them, anyone can agree on the fact that they’d like a lot more appealing if there were some moving parts in them to give a more ‘lifelike’ feeling.

While the plots of most modern hidden object games are quite thrilling, one thing that’d bring drastic improvement to pretty much any game would be the ability to alter the game’s plot based on what decisions you make. Currently almost all, if not all, games follow the same linear plot but if this aspect of the game was designed in such a way that your actions within the game change how things progress and ultimately completely change your ending depending upon how you played the game.

The ability to play as multiplayer characters is a surefire way to get anyone’s attention. Currently, in pretty much all hidden object games you play the role of a single person throughout the entirety of the game and while this formula works quite nicely, there’s no doubting the fact that allowing players to take control of different characters in different parts of the game would certainly be something that pretty much every single person would be pleased with.

Some focus on pets or companions would certainly go a long way in making these games a lot more engaging and enjoyable. Currently, there are a few games that give you a pet or companion such as a phoenix, owl or even a pet dog to accompany on your journey and they make the gameplay a lot better because you’re able to utilize them to get to some hard to reach places. This feature is great but unfortunately not a lot of games seem to have it even though it adds a significant amount of depth to the gameplay and ultimately makes things way more fun than usual so it’d be pretty swell if more developers started making use of this idea more often.

Finally, something that would improve hidden object games tremendously would be the inclusion of proper character development. As of right now, in most games you play as the same character who uses the same set of skills throughout the entire game but if characters were allowed to learn new things as they progress through the game and gain access to new abilities that would aid them in various different games then this would bring these games to a whole new level.

Overall, it’s pretty fair to say that the hidden object genre has provided us with some fantastic games and will probably continue to do so but there’s always room for improvements and the suggestions mentioned above are some great ways to enhance these games.

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