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8 Hidden Object Games With Beautiful Art

Rate this Article Looking for hidden object games with good art? Well, it's a subjective matter, but we've compiled a few titles with art that stands out: Hidden Object Games - 8 Hidden Object Games With Beautiful Art

Finding great hidden object games is a task in itself. This genre has grown to appeal to different types of gamers, even to those who rarely play or don't game at all. The reasons are obvious: locate objects, immerse in pretty and soothing visuals, and move on to the next ocular challenge. Some titles have their own special features, such as puzzles to solve and pieces to recover for even more difficult levels to be unlocked. Whatever those gimmicks are, these games will make you stay looking at your screen longer.

Here is a list of great hidden object games with beautiful art:

When the Past Was Around

When the past was around

Who says you can't have good storytelling in a hidden object game? Follow the tale of a girl and her surreal lover in a world filled with disjointed rooms. It's a bittersweet narrative of love and finding the self. Get lost in great art while listening to violin tunes that highlight emotional moments in the story.

(Play on MS Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One)

Eventide: Slavic Fable

Eventide Slavic Fable

Slavic folklore is slowly revealing itself to the gaming market, and this is one of those titles that push that narrative. This is one of the titles brought to us by the well-received Artifex Mundi. Set in a world where creatures of Slavic myth coexist with humans, you'll sift into hidden and fragmented objects to solve puzzles. There's also that problem where the protagonist's grandmother is kidnapped by a malevolent being with world-conquering plans.

(Play on PS4, Android, MS Windows, Mac, Linux)

Drawn: Dark Flight

Drawn Dark Flight

Big Fish has been a big name when it comes to hidden search games, but their titles have been a matter of hit-or-miss. This installment of the Drawn series is considered by many to be the best. This is a continuation of the fantasy setting that was explored in the first game. Fairy tale backdrops, whimsical colors, and rich imagery are combined with point-and-click puzzles and classic gameplay. This draws a balance between player accessibility and satisfying difficulty levels.

(Play on MS Windows, Mac)

Uncle Hank's Hidden Objects

Uncle Hank's Hidden Object

Uncle Hank’s Hidden Objects has rural setting with country-style art and themes centering on farm or ranch living is always a great setup for hidden object games. Artistic renders of objects blended in rich backgrounds are made to add a depth of challenge to your object-finding. There's also a time limit to add a bit of pressure to your searches. Not to worry though, there are hints to help you get out of a bad situation just in case.

(Play on Android)

Time Gap: Hidden Object Mystery

Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery

This free-to-play title from Absolutist sends you on a fact-finding and problem-solving mission to save humanity. Travel around the world aided by many figures of history and reveal facts that can help you move forward in your task. The game will throw all sorts of conditions to make object-finding more challenging. Expect instances where you'll have to find objects in the dark, or come up with a list of jumbled letters. In case you need to take a break from the main game, there's a selection of mini-games you can pass the time with.

(Play on Android, iOS, MS Windows)

Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure

Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure

Hidden object games with fantasy settings have always added its own brand of charm to gamers. This is a testament to how it has taken on new forms to please veterans of HOGs and attract novices to the genre. This one takes on the tale of a great race trying to live off a new and barely-explored land. It also uses a leveling system where more difficult stages await when you level up.
(Play on Android, MS Windows, Mac)

The Room Two

The Room Two

Combine tried and proven mechanics of hidden object games with puzzle mechanics and a suspense-filled story. What you get is this high-powered title from Fireproof Games that offers more than what traditional formulas can offer. The time-spanning series brings in more puzzles to keep you playing. Mystery-solving and tactile exploration are both incorporated in a game filled with secrets and exciting plot development.

(Play on Android, PC, Mac)

Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks

If you've been a fan of “Where's Waldo” and other search games where every nook and cranny has its own small story to tell, then this title is for you. Its monochromatic aesthetic may not be much compared to the complex and colorful visuals its contemporaries offer, but the level of challenge is just about the same, if not even more difficult. It has captured the level of charm and meticulousness of the first hidden object games on print media, with a few more features that it calls its own. Prepare to scour every pixel to complete all challenges this game will throw at you.

(Play on Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, MS Windows, Mac)

And this is our list of hidden object games with beautiful art. Feel free to share with us other games that are not in this article.

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