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8 Most Popular Hidden Object Games on Facebook

Rate this Article Although there are tons of fun hidden object games on Facebook, we have determined eight of the most popular hidden object games on Facebook. Hidden Object Games - 8 Most Popular Hidden Object Games on Facebook

Hidden object games have been among the most popular game genres on Facebook. They are perhaps only second to those brightly-colored match-3 puzzle games. Despite their more dreary art styles as opposed to casual games, hidden object games are often famous for their incredibly engaging storylines, which is evident in games like Criminal Case and Pearl’s Peril, and their challenge. Thus, it is not at all surprising to see players spending hours and hours of their time into completing each stage or case in a hidden object game.

That said, although there are tons of fun hidden object games on Facebook, we have determined 8 of the most popular hidden object games on Facebook. Here they are:

#1: Criminal Case

In Criminal Case, you will assume the mantle of a detective and solve cases. You have to investigate crime scenes to find relevant clues. If you find all of them, you are awarded stars. Once you have found all the clues, you have to examine the evidence and interrogate the suspects. At the end of the game you will have to choose the criminal from all the suspects. If you succeed, you can move on to the next case.

#2: Pearl's Peril

Join Pearl Wallace, ace pilot and world explorer, in Pearl’s Peril and get swept back in the romantic and sordid 1930s. Her father suddenly dies mysteriously and leaves Pearl a strange island filled with secrets. Help Pearl and her sarcastic friend, Iris Hillman travel the world, find objects and uncover a breathtaking conspiracy you’d take a lot of time to forget.

#3: Gardens of Time

This fun and intriguing game lets you use your Time Machine to travel time and space to find hidden objects and unravel mysteries. Travel throughout history and find the objects only to uncover a Secret Society. Play Gardens of Time now and help save the world from sinister forces.

#4: Sherlock Holmes: Lost Detective

This is your chance to stand in the shoes of the famous Mr. Holmes. This classic hidden objects game lets to explore various rooms to find various objects to solve cases and keep the name and fame of the famous detective. This game has many new tricks and gameplay features that will keep you hooked.

#5: CSI Hidden Crimes

How would you like to be a part of the CSI and solve mysteries and catch killers? Well, in CSI Hidden Crimes, you will get to do it all! Find hidden clues in different settings and examine the evidence to track the killer. Each episode has its own setting, plot and killer behind the crime, and it is up to you, the rookie detective extraordinaire, to solve the crime and bring the criminal to justice!

#6: The Panic Room: House of Secrets

An ancient house is made of stones and secrets now harbors the dangerous Puppeteer. Find various hidden objects to unravel mysteries and truths about the house and its tenants as you proceed through the game. The Panic Room: House of Secrets offers an immensely unique gameplay and has alternate endings that will keep you hooked until the very end.

#7: Hidden Objects: Mystery Society

In Hidden Objects: Mystery Society, you’ll get to travel the world and solve challenging cases that others cannot solve. Use your vast array to tools to inspect crime scenes and find hidden clues cleverly hidden among the “noise”. Each case is highly detailed, features its own different storyline, and lets you fire up those little grey cells in your brain as you try to figure out the truth behind the mysteries.

#8: Time Gap: Hidden Object Mystery

You can team up with the spirits of Einstein and Cleopatra in this challenging hidden object adventure game, Time Gap: Hidden Object Mystery, so as to examine the mysterious anomalies that are occurring around the world. Find hidden objects, dispel annoyingly troublesome anomalies, and unravel the truth behind it once and for all. If you get bored of finding stuff, you can always take a break and pop some bubbles or match some gems in the game’s mini-games section.

These 8 games are some of the most renowned and most played Facebook games out there. Whether you’ve had a tough day at the office or a long day in school, log into Facebook and turn up one of these hidden objects games. It would not only kill stress, but also enhance your powers of observation and starve off the more detrimental effects of aging on the brain.

To find out more about how beneficial hidden object games or any games can be for you, do check out our article, Hidden Object Games Train Your Brain.

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