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Advantages of Having Gaming Friends on Facebook

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Hidden Object Games - Advantages of Having Gaming Friends on Facebook

Gaming is now an inherent part of Facebook, which you’ll agree is the world’s biggest social networking website. It has now given birth to what one can call as “social gaming,” or gaming that has a social aspect built into it.

In fact, you’ll find that whole communities of gamers are now banding together in Facebook to share ideas, help each other out and simply to meet other people with similar interests as they are.
Now, there are many kinds of games in Facebook. There are the popular farm games and the Match 3 games.

Of course, you also have the Hidden Objects games, like Criminal Case and the now-defunct Ravenwood Fair, which closed down in 2013.

The amazing thing here is, no matter what kind of game that you play, you will always find yourself needing the help of your friends so it’s really a great idea to have lots of friends in your account who are playing the same game!

One of the benefits that you can get from having many friends playing the same Hidden Objects game that you’re having fun with is that they can send you much needed Energy. Energy is required when accomplishing certain actions in the game, and they unfortunately come in finite amounts. Soon, you’ll find that you’ve expended your energy and will have to wait until they are recharged before you can do anything.

When you have many friends playing this particular game, however, you can ask them for extra Energy as a gift, which you can also return. Having lots of friends can, at least, extend your playing time so that you can do more and accomplish more in one day.

In a Hidden Objects game, you get to use Hints in order to help you find items or objects that you are having trouble searching for in any level. Just like the energy, however, Hints are not infinite. However, if you have plenty of friends in your team for that game, you get Hints from them depending on how active they are in the game or how high their levels are.

That is how important friends are. If you don’t have that many friends playing a certain game, that’s no reason to feel discouraged. You can find many other “friends” in the social network, ones who are more than willing to accept your game requests and answer your calls for help. You can find them in one of the many communities devoted to bringing together people who are interested in the same game.

They are very easy to find. You can find them in the official App Page of the game, for instance, posting links to their bonuses in the game, in the hopes that someone will accept the gift, send them back a gift and add them as friends. When they get new friends, these new friends are automatically added to their team if they are also playing the game.

It’s quite easy to build a team for a specific Facebook game. Just make sure that you separate your personal from your gaming account if you want to minimize the clutter on your news feed. Having a gaming-exclusive account also makes sure that you get updated on your team members’ posts – you don’t want to miss a free Gift coming from one of them.

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