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Analyzing the Success of the Fear for Sale Series

Rate this Article The Fear for Sale series by EleFun games has given us some of the most exciting hidden object games of recent times and in this article we’ll be shedding some light on what exactly makes these games so enjoyable. Hidden Object Games - Analyzing the Success of the Fear for Sale Series

The key reason for the success of the Fear for Sale series can probably be traced back to its very first game, Mystery of McInroy Manor. The game was well ahead of the curve at that particular time in terms of both visuals and gameplay. Due to the success of this particular game, future Fear for Sale releases have always had a lot of hype around them and somehow they’ve managed to live up to it every single time.

One of the best things about the Fear for Sale games is the fact that they come with extremely well thought out plots that grab onto the attention of players from the very first minute and cause them to remain glued to their screens until the very last. The plots are loaded with many twists and turns, great characters, top notch dialogue and various other features that make progressing through these games an absolutely delightful experience.

The unpredictable nature of games in the Fear for Sale is also one of the big reasons they’re so enjoyable. Almost all the Fear for Sale games have environments that are pretty much loaded with ominous vibes. In these games you could be just fine at second but a few moments later you’d be dealing with many mysterious foes who are trying to take you down. The feeling that things could go wrong at any minute is something that constantly makes sure that players remain completely hooked until the very end.

Most, if not all, Fear for Sale games come with a variety of unique features that make the gameplay extremely enjoyable. In these games you’ll find a lot of great things that don’t usually exist in other hidden object games such as special morphing objects that you can collect in order to acquire achievements, unique kinds of hidden object scenes, challenging mini-games and various other great features as well. Almost every new release in the Fear for Sale somehow manages to raise the bar by implementing new gameplay features into the mix and, judging from the quality of recent Fear for Sale games, it seems like this trend is going to continue for years to come.

Last but certainly not least, every single Fear for Sale game has been a sight to behold. The environments and artwork in these games are filled to the brim with detail, there are multitudes of special effects to enjoy, the colors are bright and vibrant, the cut-scenes are phenomenal and, overall, you simply cannot say enough good things about the visuals of these games.

All said and done, the aforementioned reasons are why we think the Fear for Sale series has managed to receive so much critical acclaim from its players over the years. While on the subject, we definitely recommend trying these games out because they’re bound to deliver an enjoyable experience.

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