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Best Hidden Object Game Scenes

Rate this Article In this article we will be doing something a little different, instead of writing about themes or groups of games I will be writing about my personal favorite scenes from games that I have played. Hidden Object Games - Best Hidden Object Game Scenes

I have been playing hidden object games for quite a while now, and I am one of the reviewers for this website. I thought that I would go over some of my personal favorite scenes from some of my favorite games. Each scene will have a little bit of an explanation why its my favorite, and why I like these particular games.

Hotel Enigma has a scene called Food Cart and I loved this scene in the game. Its about 5 scenes in and is a wonderfully bright and tasty looking picture. A 2 level cart full of food, pastries and fruit. As well as a few slightly random item that you need to find. I really enjoyed this scene, the artwork in the whole game is gorgeous and this particular one stood out for me. A couple of the items you need to find are cunningly hidden, especially if you play in the games silhouette mode.

With so many different scenes in Criminal Case it was really hard to pick one, so instead I cheated slightly and picked an entire case. The case of Dog eat Dog. If you have never played the game, it is divided into 50+ cases, and each case has a few scenes and at the end you arrest a suspect. This particular case has 6 scenes and a lot of investigation to do.

I loved this case both for the storyline, which I won’t spoil for you and the scenes themselves were great to play through. Opening with a fun arena full of jumps and dog sized obstacles. The way the case evolves is funny and some of the twists and turns can catch you off guard. I also really liked the other scenes and how unique a couple of them were. With an interesting story and the dog theme to the case this case was amazing to play.

In the game Dark Manor, right at the beginning the second scene is called Gypsy Tshilaba. I loved this one because of the sheer amount of detail presented. There are a few different little animations all going on at the same time really drawing you in. One of the things that really stood out for me is the ability to zoom in and out of the scene. When zoomed in you can moved the scene left, right, up and down to get a closer look at it.

One of the best features is the crystal ball, which contains a part of a different scene each time you revisit this particular scene. With some beautiful artwork and a scene full of items as well as some amazing background. This object window really sets the tone for what to expect further into the game, mixed in with the other more fun side of adding items to the gardens Dark Manor was really amazing and enjoyable.

A slightly darker game is Ravenhill Asylum which contains quite a lot of creepy and scary looking scenes. Set in a supposedly closed mental hospital there is a huge potential for some spooky stuff. One scene really stood out for me, and that was the Stage scene. A disused performance area covered in the remnants of former plays. There are some very interesting items in this scene, and there are often tiny little animations that add to the atmosphere, form a doll’s eyes moving to things falling down.

Playing through this scene can be quite a challenge too, as there are quite a few similar items but its well worth the time looking for them. Although its a slightly dark scene without some of the bright colours you associate with a stage, it was really good to play through. There are a couple of slightly gruesome details that don’t really stand out until you find them, that make this scene truly unique to look through.

Each of the scenes I have listed here rank among my favorites, and each game is one that I have enjoyed playing. With so many games available sometimes it is hard to pick just a few to talk about. I look forward to supplying all of you with more great games to play and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

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