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Common Mistakes That Players Make in Hidden Object Games

Rate this Article In this article, we’ll be shedding some light on some of the common mistakes players do in HO games so that you can avoid making them when you play. Hidden Object Games - Common Mistakes That Players Make in Hidden Object Games

Many players have this misconception that hidden object games aren’t difficult to play simply based off the fact that they don’t have any complex gameplay mechanics. Due to this misconception, players often end up making quite a lot of mistakes and in this article we’ll be shedding some light on these mistakes so that you can avoid making them when you play.

1: Wasting Hints

Although hints recharge by themselves after some time in most games, this actually isn’t the case in quite a lot of hidden object releases. There are certain games in which players only have a limited amount of hints at their disposal and in these games new players often end up spamming them to get through a hidden object sequence as quickly as possible. While this definitely speeds up the process for one particular sequence, it can actually set you back quite a bit later on during some of the more difficult sequences when there’s a dire need.

2: Rushing Through Environments

While most newcomers to this genre might not realize it, there’s actually a lot more to every single environment in these games than meets the eye. Players often end up speeding through every environment without looking around and by doing so they usually miss a lot of extremely important items. Because of this, players have to travel all the way back to these environments in order to collect the necessary items later on in order to progress since there’s just no going further without them.

3: Skipping Cut-scenes

Cut-scenes are usually implemented purely for the cinematic effect and to help the plot progress a bit further which is why a lot of players tend to skip right through them when they don’t care much about the game’s story. Most people don’t realize that there are a few cut-scenes that actually drop a lot of hints regarding where to find items and players miss out on these hints because they skipped the whole scene. We highly recommend watching every single cut-scene that you encounter whether or not you’re interested in the game’s plot because these scenes might just have the information you need to progress further into the game.

4: Frequently Skipping Puzzles

Almost all modern day hidden object games come with a skip button implemented into their puzzle sequences that activates after some time has passed. While this button can definitely help you progress further when the puzzle seems to be completely impossible, players often end up abusing it and skip basically every puzzle they run into. This particular strategy definitely increases the pace of the game but it can actually end up making things more difficult later on if you become too accustomed to the button. Skipping is definitely great when you get completely stuck but we recommend at least trying to solve a puzzle on your own before you decide to skip it entirely.

All things considered, if you avoid making the aforementioned mistakes when playing hidden object games then we can guarantee that you’ll play a lot better and will also enjoy the games a whole lot more.

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