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Free Hidden Object Games

Rate this Article There are many types of Hidden Object Game around for you to play, some of them you have to buy others are free. In this article we will cover some of the free games available. Hidden Object Games - Free Hidden Object Games

Good quality free hidden object games can be tough to find, especially if you are looking for a bigger game with a story. In this article we will go over some of the free games available, from the small played online games to fully downloaded epic adventures. We have all of these games for you to play for free if you find a game you like the sound of.

Criminal Case is one of the biggest of not the largest hidden object game on Facebook, with millions of players all over the world. You step into the shoes of a newly promoted detective sent on murder cases. You need to find clues, run forensic tests and interview suspects. Once you do all of that you make an arrest and put a murderer away for life. With a huge amount of cases to play and a large community of players Criminal Case will keep you playing for a long time.

Hidden Groceries is a fun little game taking you shopping as you look for food related items on the shelves and marketplaces. With bright coloured scenes and some mouthwatering locations its a great game if you want something casual and quick.

Mystery Revenge: Hidden Evidence is a high quality Facebook game set in the near future. With an interactive map and some great scenes to play through. Solve the case of the missing people and use futuristic gadgets to help you solve the riddle. With a large amount of scenes and an engaging story Mystery Revenge: Hidden Evidence has a lot to offer.

Royal Wedding is a lovely hidden object game set on the day of William and Kate’s wedding. You need to help them find items to prepare for the day, and help the palace staff prepare the party in the garden. With fabulous scenes and a really polished feel Royal Wedding is a great little game.

Antiques Hunter: Portobello Road sets you up in your own antiques shop. You get to find items to sell in the object scenes and then you place them in your shop. You can add extra shelves and display units as you develop your store and there are some wonderful items that you can find. The object scenes are well presented with a lot of choice available. Managing the store and making a profit on items is a really nice side game to play.

Zoo Hidden Object 1 is an amazingly colourful and bright game mixing hidden objects among some of the worlds best known animals. With a simple gameplay and a fun theme these games are fantastic fun and great to play.

Dark Manor takes you back to the 1920’s and a huge manor house in need of some care and attention. Help the ghosts of the late owner find release by collecting ectoplasm in some gorgeous hidden object scenes and you earn cash to build up the mansion. Fill the gardens with statues and walkers and then at night watch them all become a little more spooky. The 2 different moods to the game are fabulous and the scenes are fully animated as you play them.

Murder in Provence is a brilliant Facebook game that takes you off to the beautiful regions of southern france. Follow the case of a woman searching for her missing sister and prepare to play some amazing object scenes. With a series of mini games and other puzzles that add to the story and give rewards it’s an entertaining game to play.

For a more gentle game try Garden Hide and Seek. Played on the website it has some beautiful locations to play through, with a relaxed feeling and some photorealistic hidden object scenes. The objects are cunningly hidden and each time you play you have a lot of variety in what you need to look for.

NatGeo: World of Secrets is brought to you by National Geographic and played on Facebook. Travel the world and find some amazing items as you help an explorer find her missing father. The game contains a huge map that you can open up and explore the scenes in. Collecting objects will earn you extra rewards and there are some fabulous quality scenes to play through.

And there we have a list of some of the free hidden object games that can be found and played. From a green garden to the mountains of Europe there are some fantastic places and scenes for you to explore. Go and see what wonderful places you can find.

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