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Games like Criminal Case

Rate this Article Criminal Case is an exciting browser based hidden object game that revolves around solving crimes and catching bad guys around the world. There are many games of its type out there and in this article we’ll be talking about each one of the browser based crime oriented hidden object games that we think are worth your while. Hidden Object Games - Games like Criminal Case

A whole bunch of different factors were considered when deciding which games to place on this list but perhaps the biggest factor was repetitive the games are. One minor flaw with the hidden object genre is that no matter how good a game is, it tends to become repetitive if you’ve been playing it for a while. However, there are some great games that don’t suffer this problem due to how well designed these are exactly the games that we’ll be talking about.

The following are the hidden object games that are a lot like Criminal Case and worth giving a shot to:

Castle: Dangerous Game

Castle: Dangerous Game game is based off the popular TV series named Castle. It’s a very exciting game in which you’ll get to solve a variety of horrible crimes and try to bring the criminal to justice. The game is filled with lots of intense moments, many challenging hidden object scenes, intriguing puzzle sequences and a whole lot of other great gameplay features to keep players absolutely hooked.

Detective Story

Detective Story is a game in which you play the role of a renowned detective who’s constantly asked to get to the bottom crimes that most other detectives simply cannot solve. In this game you’ll have to chase ruthless killers, crafty thieves and do your best to bring them to justice by looking for clues in the hidden object scenes and analyzing any evidence that you can find in these places. It’s definitely one of the more feature filled hidden object games of this type available.

CSI: Hidden Crimes

The main thing that separates CSI: Hidden Crimes apart from the other games in this list is the fact that CSI actually has a whole team of detectives that players can choose from instead of playing as a single protagonist throughout the entirety of the game. This game also offers players a variety of in-game power-ups that they can utilize during the hidden object scenes and puzzle sequences to get an edge and complete them as quickly as possible in order to acquire evidence that can help catch the criminals.

Mystery Detective

Mystery Detective is perhaps the darkest game in this list for a variety of different reasons. Almost all of its cases revolve around murders and its art style is quite dark as well. In terms of its gameplay it’s pretty straightforward though since most of what you have to do is solve the hidden object scenes and puzzle sequences to acquire clues that’ll eventually lead to the culprits.

All said and done, the games mentioned above resemble Criminal Case in multiple ways and are also some of the highest quality games in this category that we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying. Needless to say, we recommend giving any of them a shot whenever you can.

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