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Hidden Object Game Series That Helped Shape the Genre

Rate this Article In this article we'll be talking about how the hidden object genre evolved over the years and will be shedding some light no all the game series' that helped it grow. Hidden Object Games - Hidden Object Game Series That Helped Shape the Genre

As of right now, there are multitudes of amazing hidden object games that players can enjoy but it's worth keeping in mind that it wasn't always like this. In this article, we'll be talking about how the hidden object genre evolved over the years and will be shedding some light on all the game series' that helped it grow.

1: Mystery Case Files

The Mystery Case Files games are without a doubt some of the most innovative hidden object games to date. This particular series was one of the very first hidden object series to actually bring some innovation to the genre and this was definitely a bold move at the time because most hidden object games didn't really stray too far from the cookie-cutter formula that existed at the time. Mystery Case Files games brought a variety of unique hidden object scenes that set them apart from the crowd and, even today, they're some of the most fun games to play.

2: Dark Parables

The Dark Parables games have been around for over five years now and the key thing that sets this game series apart from others is the fact that every single game that comes from it has an extremely intriguing and fascinating setting. While these games might not be the most innovative in terms of gameplay, they still managed to land a spot on this list because Dark Parables games were among the first to actually put a ton of thought into the setting and plot.

3: Fear for Sale

The Fear for Sale games have some of the most well thought out plots out there and their visuals are capable of sending a chill down anyone's spine. These games have been around for a couple of years now and a lot of modern day hidden object games draw inspiration for their visuals from this particular game series. If you analyze any modern day horror themed hidden object game, you'll definitely see a lot of inspirations from the Fear for Sale series.

4: Off the Record

Off the Record games haven't been around for as long as the games mentioned above but they've definitely helped inspire modern day hidden object games in a variety of different ways. Almost every single game in this series has a nail-biting plot and, alongside this, these games also have various unique gameplay elements to them. Over the past few years, a lot of hidden object games have drawn inspiration for their gameplay features from the Off the Record Games.

5: Dark Tales

The Dark Tales series is known for giving players the perfect trinity of delightful visuals, exciting plots and high quality gameplay. Dark Tales games draw their inspiration from the stories written by Edgar Allen Poe and ever since these games started coming out, more hidden object games have begun to take ideas from popular stories written by famous authors and this has definitely helped elevate this genre to a whole new level.

All things considered, the aforementioned hidden object games series' are those that have taken this genre to new heights and have raised the bar for other games to come.

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