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Hidden Object Games for Kids

Rate this Article There are many hidden object games around, and some of them are not suitable for children, here we will go over a few games that can be safely played by kids. Hidden Object Games - Hidden Object Games for Kids

In this list we will cover some of the games available that children can play as well as adults. These games were chosen for their content and in some cases the educational and learning value that they have. Each game can be played for free though the Facebook games will contain options for additional real money purchases.

Toy House is a tour around a huge house where you have to find the hidden objects, not all of them are toys but many are. There are hints available if you get stuck and there is no time limit, so you can play at your leisure. With some classic toys to find Toy House can be a real blast from the past.

Zoo Hidden Object 1 has every scene full of animals, from exotic safari creatures to jungle parrots. There are lots of bright colours and the scenes are real photographs of animals. Many of the objects are relatively easy to find and the y are all child friendly. With some really nice animals on show these games are really fun to play.

NatGeo: World of Secrets is a game that takes you all over the world exploring. Brought to you by National Geographic there are some fun facts and interesting little bits of information that you find. As well as some really lovely scenes to play through. The story is fun and engaging and there is a lot to see as you travel around.

Garden Hide and Seek is a fun adventure through some wonderful scenery as you find a random collection of items. With lovely pictures of gardens and objects laid over the top. There are lots of items to find and there is no time limit so it has quite a bit of entertainment value if you need it.

Disney Halloween takes all of the much loved characters and sets them in a cartoon halloween picture. With 3 fun scenes to play through and lots of different items to find. As well as the objects you have a variety of characters from cartoons and films in the scenes, adding a fun addition to this cute little game.

Living Classics is a game on Facebook that takes many of the best fairy tales and children’s stories, and brings them to life in amazing hidden object scenes. Play through classic stories and find objects in this beautifully detailed game. As you progress you unlock more and more fairy tales and stories to show the children.

Hidden Animals is a great little game with 2 parts to it. You will need to find the cute animal pictures in the scene, as well as some objects that are shadowed out. With 2 lines of items to find in these wonderful picture scenes this game can be an entertaining challenge. Add in the variety of animal pictures and you have a lot of value from a fun game.

Yard Sale is a cartoonish Facebook game where you join a neighborhood of people always selling off their spare property. As you find the objects in the scenes you can then also try and sell those items or keep them to decorate your own garden. With some fun characters and objects Yard Sale is a bright and pleasant game to play.

7 Differences is a slightly different game, instead of finding objects you work your way through some great cartoon pictures and see if you can spot the differences between the 2 pictures. With some great pictures to work though this Facebook game is a great change of pace if you enjoy hidden object games.

Barn Yarn is a fabulous game with amazing 3D animations. You can help restore the barn to it’s former glory. As you find objects for customers that appear on the screen you collect money. You can then spend this money on filling your barn with lovely furniture and items. With some amazingly high quality scenes Barn Yarn is great entertainment.

This is just a sample of some of the games available on our website that children will enjoy playing through. We hope that you have found something useful in this article and that you and your children enjoy playing some of these amazing games together.

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