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Hidden Object Games on WWGDB

Rate this Article If finding hidden things is your specialty, then perhaps you have already found the hidden gem of a website, aptly named as the Worldwide Games Database (WWGDB)! Hidden Object Games - Hidden Object Games on WWGDB

The people behind the site have a vision that is to create a place that will contain as many games and their associated reviews as possible on one central database and from there, WWGDB was born! It’ll become like what IMDB is to movies in the future and with good reasons too!

The game reviews on WWGDB are very comprehensive and detailed. The reviews are even broken up into useful sections, covering the most important aspects of any game, namely the plotline, gameplay, game community as well as graphics and sound! There are also plenty of pictures and screenshots of the game, showing you what the game looks like. With so much information at hand, it’ll be easier for you to decide whether or not a game is the sort of game that you would like!

Furthermore, at WWGDB, there are even interesting articles that you can read. Some of them touch on important issues in gaming, such as how games earn money, where we discuss what are the methods that game developers use to earn money from free to play games, or females in gaming, in which we discuss about how the supposedly-male-dominated gaming community perceives female gamers and how females are being treated, particularly in professional gaming and game developing. There are also some that describes about gaming issues and topics in a more cheerful way, including what makes a game good or the different types of gamers. WWGDB even offers interviews with game developers, pro-gamers and game reviewers that you can read too!

You can leave your feedback about a game at the site as well - either by leaving a rating for a review or an article, or by writing your own reviews and comments in the player review section. Don’t be shy to express your opinions or describe your own experiences with a game and let the world know about it! If you’re up for some fun, you can also look through the options in the many surveys on the site and vote for the one you like!

Not to mention, WWGDB contains plenty of game reviews for your favorite hidden object games and counting! Some examples include CSI: Hidden Crimes, where you can investigate scenes and be a true (well, as true as you can virtually be) CSI agent; or Pearl’s Peril, in which you are helping Pearl to find out the mystery behind her father’s death! If you enjoy a dose of horror in your daily helpings of hidden object games, you will definitely enjoy Midnight Castle and Dark Manor, both published by the top gaming company in the hidden objects genre, Big Fish Games. For an overview of all the hidden object games available on the site, you can take a look at the Hidden Object Games List as well!

WWGDB also offers a wide variety of other games from various different genres, so who knows? You may just find something, a little different from what you are used to, that catches your eye! You may even find yourself playing games from other genres soon too! Thus, if you feel like you’re up for an exciting journey to discover new entertaining games, grab all the gear… uhm, we mean snacks and drinks… you’ll need before you settle in for a long haul to have a great time looking through the many webpages of reviews, articles and surveys at WWGDB!

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