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Hidden Object Games with "the Missing" Plots

Rate this Article In this following article, we’ll tackle a few compilation of games - given with the same “the Missing" (referring to someone or something that has gone missing in the game) plots to progress through, motivating you to trail around their hidden object scenes, and unveil their mysteries within.
Hidden Object Games - Hidden Object Games with "the Missing" Plots

The answer is “Yes”. If you’re into hidden object games, you surely have played a game or two with "the missing" plot. Hence when you’re given the role of a detective in any game, you’d surely be in for some sort of trailing quest -- given with the usual array of problems like: who or what is missing? what is there to find and why?, the game endows you with the very objective that would push you towards scouring every nook and cranny to deduce the facts, dig for relative answers, and resolve a conclusion with.

A prized fortune stolen, trailing for the whereabouts of a dear one missing, and people vanishing for the sole reason to find them - are just but the usual arrangements we get when we get pitched-in with the “Missing Plot” in hidden object games.

What makes these games great is the fact that it pitches you right into the mystery, at the same time delivered seamlessly with the challenge. Not only does it become intriguing for the player to unveil facts as they play along the game, it also serves as the sole motive to push them advancing therein.

Aside from this, playing the role of a detective matches the typical gameplay of a hidden object game, where players are usually tasked to look for specific items or puzzle pieces to put together in order to uncover a pertaining mystery. Given that, these plots make up a perfect recipe for an adventure, likewise for a great backing plot, and an immersive gameplay for its interested participants.

As we have covered quite a number of hidden object games in the past, we were able to make up a short list of games with "the missing" plot in them. Rest assured, you be in for a treat with these ones as they top the notch when it comes to the accompanying story, as well as for their overall quality.

First on the list we have the game Phatasmat: Behind the Mask. In Phantasmat: Behind the Mask, you’re invited to a family reunion at the Ward Estate but once you get to this reunion you realize that you don’t seem to know anyone there. As the day progresses, things keep getting weirder and the supposed family members start acting very strange. Soon you start hearing voices in your head and people start disappearing. You must investigate these occurrences and get to the bottom of this mystery before you end up adding up on the missing list.

Another similarly great hidden object game to try is Haunted Legends: Secret of Life. Coming from the famed lineup of games in its frnachise, this sequel puts you through similar detective work as you uncover the secrets of the “House on the Hil”l to the secret of life. Here, players play the role of a desperate soul trying to find cure for deadly illness of some sort. The catch is, the only village that is capable to give you the answers you were looking for is in dire dilemma of being purged by a recent curse. Just the same, you get to do some detective work, finding the solution to the case of small town, to save it, and then in return – hopefully saving yourself in an impending death.

Lost Lands: The Golden Curse also makes a fits well with our list. Here, players take on an unassuming savior who must save the town from further destruction. In the game, an ancient tomb is brutally disturbed wherein an evil presence that has the power to bring stone demons to life is released into the open. With stone demons brought to life, these heartless monsters dismantle people’s ways of living as they attack innocent people in nearby towns in the Lost Lands. In this game, you mainly find leads towards finding powerful mages to help you fully vanquish these stone demons.

Next on the list we have the game, XIII Lost Identity. In this game, you get to play the role of XIII - apparently a number tagged at the protagonist, which is as of the moment the only clue to who he really is in the game. Help XIII recover his memory by piecing together clues in the many hidden object scenes he visits while escaping from mysterious pursuers in this exciting hidden object adventure game. As you progress in the game, more intriguing details about the story will be revealed including the nefarious “Black Sun” from which XIII might finally earn the details about his past.

Lastly, we have the game Island: The Lost Medallion for you to try. In this game, a young female archaeologist has gone missing after coming home from an expedition in Peru. She was apparently kidnapped because she had uncovered a medallion, which could be the key to secrets that certain people want to find out about. Her boyfriend (you) finds himself left with the task of solving the mystery behind her abduction and to find out where she had been taken to.

There you are, a fine list of games with "the Missing" plots in them that you would surely enjoy. We hope that you find a great time trailing for quests, and figuring out all the things you have to uncover and be dealt with!

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