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Interaction in Hidden Object Games

Rate this Article Computer games are becoming ever more social, with the addition of Facebook and other social media. In this article we will discuss the impact of these changes on Hidden Object Games. Hidden Object Games - Interaction in Hidden Object Games

Hidden object games have been around for quite a while now, and have seen many changes. Both in terms of who plays these games, and how they are presented. With the global popularity of the internet and sites such as Facebook it’s no surprise that these changes have occurred. In this article we will cover some of the more social developments in this genre of gaming.

Since Facebook became the global phenomenon there have been a huge number of games developed to be played there. Hidden object games were no exception, and there are some truly fantastic examples of these amazing games that you can play. Once you have chosen a game that you want to play, there are a huge amount of options available for you to interact with other players.

Many of these games will ask you to add your friends to the game, and there will almost always be a reward in the game for doing so. Adding your friends is also good for you as you can play with them, compete with them and ask them for help. There are also many games that have their own pages where you can ask other players to add you to friends list.

Almost all of these games have some form of energy requirement, currency and often have story items. Having a large pool of people in your friends list gives you the opportunity to ask for extra items or energy. This gives you the chance to finish that scene faster, or close a case. Often asking friends for help is a means to complete a part of the game without having to spend real money.

As well as asking for items you can often send a free gift to your friends, whether its energy or a few coins for the game. You can often choose the people that you send a gift to, so you can pick just a select group of close friends, or everyone that you have on your list who play the game. Sending out a gift will often mean you will also get the same item back when they accept what you sent.

Asking for or giving gifts to a larger group of people can get you a huge stockpile of rewards as you play. But its not just asking for things that can provide benefits for you. In some of the games you can visit another players town and help them on a case, or you can partner up with their character for an in game benefit. An example is in Criminal Case you work with another player on a scene and can gain bonus hints for doing so.

Along with that there is also sometimes an option to send a particularly special item to someone, using the above example after you work with a partner in Criminal Case you can send them a special set item playing card. A full collection of cards has a large reward for the person who collects them. This kind of automatic sharing is great for the game, as it helps everyone involved and does not cost anything to do so.

But it’s not just Facebook games that have a the option to play with other people, we often hear of families playing games together. Form helping find items in a scene, or solving a puzzle there are many options for everyone in the family to be involved. Not only are they bringing everyone closer together many of the games can provide an extra educational tool for parents.

With hidden object games being created all of the time, it is wonderful so see that they are bringing in more and more options to play with your friends. Sharing a great game is a wonderful feeling, and knowing that people appreciate the same games you do. Being able to help your friends get past that tough part of the game, or them helping you is a real boost and can be that extra little bit that takes a game from good, to great.

Sharing games and items looks like it is here to stay. With an ever growing audience and better technologies there is a huge potential for some fantastic hidden object games. We love to play as much as you do, and we are looking forward to what the future holds and seeing what comes next in this wonderful and social genre of games.

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