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Is Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death Any Good?

Rate this Article Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death may seem like any other dark-styled hidden object game, and this may make you wonder is the game any good? Let's find out!

Hidden Object Games - Is Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death Any Good?

Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death is but one of those games that you can download for a free trial from Big Fish. While there is a 60-minute trial through which you can gauge the game’s value for you, as a gamer, it still is best if you are able to know beforehand if the game is any good so you don’t waste the time that you spend in downloading the game.

The answer is, definitely, a Yes. The game has several attributes that you will definitely appreciate as a Hidden Objects fan.

One of these attributes is a solid plot. The game is the story of a man who travels all the way to an island in Italy to try and find his missing daughter, who had disappeared mysteriously in a string of events that islanders attribute to an otherworldly presence. The man had gone to the island in the hopes of finding his daughter, and find out what’s going on with the string of disasters that have occurred supposedly as a result of the work of a prophetic painter named Virgil.

If you’re a fan of following storylines in Hidden Object games, you’ll find that the storyline for Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death is compelling enough. You will certainly want to play the game’s puzzles to find out what really is the truth behind all of these seemingly supernaturally induced events. There’s even a scene near the start of the game in which you have to hurry up to find a harness in order to save the boatman that brought you to the island after his vessel mysteriously exploded!

Of course, the puzzles are great in this game! They’re not very easy, but not too difficult that you’ll want to throw down the gauntlet and gave up. You do have your Hints to help you out, although they require a cooling down period between each use. It’s not that you’ll need to use them all the time – the puzzles are very intuitive, although you need to have a very good eye.

The game is rendered in high resolution, so you can feast your eyes on highly detailed images and beautifully drawn character portraits. The boatman, for instance, bears an uncanny resemblance to popular Irish actor, Liam Neeson, and even speaks like him! That is reflective of the amount of effort that the game’s developers have put into creating the game.

There’s plenty of things that you can look forward to when you play Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death. The things that have been discussed here are simply the tip of the iceberg that is this great Hidden Objects game at Big Fish. Granted, you’ll have to pay for owning the full version of the game, but it’s definitely worth it!

There’s your verdict. If you’ve heard about the game but are reluctant to give it a try, this article should’ve cast away all those doubts. Go ahead and download it from Big Fish – you’ll find yourself wanting to play this game again and again even if you’ve finished it.

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