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My Favorite 5 Hidden Object Games

Rate this Article I love Hidden Object Games, and I have played a lot, but these are my favorite recently played games that are just brilliant. Hidden Object Games - My Favorite 5 Hidden Object Games

Hidden Object games are some incredibly enjoyable games that require players to fully focus on their surroundings if they want to progress. Keen observation prevails in hidden object games and it is incredibly satisfying once you solve a scenario that has been puzzling you for a long duration. The following 5 games are my favorite hidden object games for various reasons:

Danse Macabre: Moulin Rouge

This game is a really enjoyable game that is set in the beautiful city of Paris, France. Aside from its really well implemented gameplay, what makes this game so enjoyable is how well it manages to capture the essence of Paris and replicate it within the game. This incredibly setting is paired up with a really in-depth plot which makes this game a must try if you’re looking to play some hidden object games.

Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director

What makes this game so fun is the fact that it strays a bit from the traditional formula. Normally, hidden object games come with a really high detail (and sometimes quite confusing) plot but Vacation Adventures – Cruise Director completely removes the plot from the equation and is solely focused on providing players with top notch hidden object gameplay. A must have for players who don’t want to go through a long story and just want a casual experience.

Maestro: Music of Death

There are a lot of hidden object games that use mysterious deaths as the groundwork to lay their plot upon but this idea has become rather stale over the years due to how repetitive it is. Maestro: Music of Death follows this tradition but manages to implement a brilliant plot revolving that still revolves around death but is approached in such a manner that the game feels incredibly unique and one of a kind. Of course this plot is combined with top of the line gameplay and astounding visuals to make this an incredibly enjoyable game.

Fierce Tales: The Dogs Heart

The Fierce Tales series has always been one to pull off high quality hidden object games but The Dogs Heart is easily one of their best, if not the best, releases yet. The game has incredibly addicting and well executed gameplay that is combined with visuals of insanely high quality. To round everything off, the game has a plot that is sure to grab anyone’s attention and has an incredibly satisfying conclusion.

Ominous Objects: Family Portrait

There are two main things that make this game so appealing to me. The first thing is the engaging plot that revolves around a family plagued and torn apart by dark magic. The second thing is how well the puzzles are designed in the game. Even though puzzles are a standard part of every hidden object game, the ones you encounter in Ominous Objects: Family Portrait are incredibly challenging but at the same time extremely satisfying to solve.

Hidden Object games seem to have a special charm of their own that makes these games so addictive to players. Nearly every hidden object game manages to provide immense amounts of enjoyment to the players no matter how lackluster the execution might be.

With how many great hidden object games there are nowadays, this was a really difficult judgment but the aforementioned games have to be my favorites. There’s never a dull moment in these games and they always have something that will keep you glued to the game waiting to see what happens next. All of them are definitely worth a try.

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