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Not Even Microsoft can Dethrone Nintendo – Here is Why

Rate this Article The video gaming industry has seen many contenders. Microsoft and Nintendo are among the big names, but the latter is taking center stage. Hidden Object Games - Not Even Microsoft can Dethrone Nintendo – Here is Why

The rivalry between these two companies escalated in 2002 when Microsoft acquired one of Nintendo’s assets, Rare, a UK-based studio for $375m. Since then, Microsoft has created several games, including Donkey Kong Country, GoldenEye 007, and Battletoads. Twenty years later, the tech giant plans to acquire Activision Blizzard for a whopping $68.7 billion. For Nintendo, this means that the competition is hitting up by the day.

How Nintendo Has Managed to Remain Relevant

Microsoft has become an established player in the gaming industry, flaunting over twenty years of experience. Other more prominent companies have also ventured into the industry, and Nintendo has had to change the rules of engagement to stay above the competition. Essentially, they had to do away the traditional gaming demographic and venture into family-friendly games. This move has helped the Japanese gaming company regain its long-lost glory, where their launch of the motion-controlled Wii Sports sold over 80 million systems!

Nintendo has had to adjust its business model to accommodate the growing competition as well as the changes in players’ interests. But revolution is common in the gaming industry and this is often triggered by ever-changing technology. One notable tech-related shift has been the rise of online casinos which has seen a boom in the number of players in recent years. However, this does not mean that land-based casinos seize to operate. On the contrary, location-based are still one of the most profitable business ventures. This is because players still prefer the thrill of playing in an actual establishment. Nonetheless, online casinos have managed to transverse into regions where players have restrictive access to gambling, such as the Middle East.

Nintendo SNES

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Notably, online casinos are not aimed at eliminating land-based establishments. In the same breath, neither Microsoft nor Nintendo are looking to eradicate the other. Phil Spencer, the Microsoft Gaming CEO, has stated that he spends zero energy thinking about console wars. On the other hand, Nintendo defines its real competitor as time.

Friendly Rivals

Some companies are planning to venture into the gaming world, including Facebook, Google and Amazon. Meta has created a solid base and is about to cause disruptions with its Oculus Quest 2 VR helmet which has sold millions of copies. Already, Mark Zuckerberg is planning to align the mission of Facebook to a more game-centric one in the future. The overall player base is expanding and will likely continue to do so. This is why Meta and other giant tech companies are launching new businesses in this direction.

Simple but Savvy

Nintendo’s focus on family-friendly products such as hidden object games has helped them stand out and remain grounded over the years. Nevertheless, they have had a history of making shrewd moves to capitalize on their opponent’s myopia. But the Japanese console company currently seems confident in its competitiveness. Hence, they don’t have to acquire big companies to stay relevant. This strategy has worked for Microsoft, which is not surprising, seeing that the company has investors with deep pockets. Consequently, Nintendo has maintained its edge in providing unmatched products while keeping it simple but savvy!

What's the Future of Nintendo and Microsoft?

After acquiring Activision Blizzard, there were rumors that Microsoft was also planning to buy Nintendo too. From a market value standpoint, the company has the financial muscle to buy the tech giants. But, in reality, this is impossible due to many reasons. One apparent reason is that Nintendo is not for sale.

Additionally, Microsoft is more focused on American corporations. The business culture and law are different in Japan, which can be restrictive to acquire companies. However, if this acquisition ever materializes, it would give Microsoft the best position in this tech-leading country.

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