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The Appeal of Hidden Object Games and Why We Continue to Play Them

Rate this Article Hidden object games are timeless, and though there are more immersive games out there, we continue to play them. Hidden Object Games - The Appeal of Hidden Object Games and Why We Continue to Play Them

Sure, we can say hidden object games are mindless experiences that require almost zero skill, just discerning eyes. Yet, this hasn’t stopped people from playing them; these games are incredibly appealing, especially to a casual audience that does not consider themselves pure gamers.

The thing is, why? Why do we all continue to play these kinds of games even if there are titles like open-world MMOs and massive, linear adventures? Well, let’s dig deep and learn why they continue to be prominent in the industry.

Striking and dramatic visuals

Of course, visuals and overall art matter in hidden object games. These types of games are designed to direct the viewer’s eyes to the screen, having them focus on the outstanding and beautifully drawn art first. After this, the real work begins: making them detect hidden objects. With the advancements in game development technology, it wouldn’t be farfetched to predict that we may end up seeing photorealistic HOG with graphics rivaling those of triple-A titles in the near future.

Interesting narratives

Rarely do hidden object games focus on mundane matters and stories. Why? Well, you have to consider that HOGs already have relatively simple gameplay mechanics, so they have to create an exciting plot that will captivate the players. For example, there are games that adapt stories from myths and folk tales, while others use a fantasy setting with magic and bright colors to hook players. Meanwhile, certain games take advantage of morbid mysteries that players will see through to the end, thanks to sheer curiosity.

Simplicity and straightforwardness

Hidden object games are among the simplest to pick up and play. They don’t require long tutorials since all you have to do are look, point, tap or click, and voila, you’re golden. However, other games manage to infuse specific gameplay mechanics like puzzles and gathering items to use in future situations. Hint-related elements are also commonplace, while others add a layer of challenge, like in the case of Find the Differences 750+that limits the number of mistakes you made.

Gameplay suited for casual players

Today, most of the people who play video games today don’t exactly belong to the hardcore gamers pool. Instead, they are who we call the casuals who just play to kill time and entertain themselves for just a couple of hours before going to bed. Undoubtedly, this is why these games continue to thrive, thanks to the potential massive pool of players that they have. It’s also important to note that they are fairly accessible due to the sheer number of options on mobile devices. They are also on PC, only requiring potato hardware to run.

Overall, it isn’t easy to figure out why hidden object games are still a big thing today. Thanks to their relatively simple gameplay, lots of people can dive into them and get entertained. We could also credit their outstanding visuals and exciting stories that serve as exceptional backdrops for the games. And yes, we recommend trying a few of these titles. You never know: one of them could become your next obsession.

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