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The Best Football Games On Consoles

Rate this Article If you love football, read our guide to some of the best football games available. There are games on all consoles that suit all. Hidden Object Games - The Best Football Games On Consoles

Nothing can beat playing video games with your friends or family and a football game is universal. They can get very intense, but the thrill is unmatched. There are of course many different types of football games from classics like FIFA to manager games like Football Manager to even football-themed games like Rocket League. There are hundreds of titles to choose from across all different platforms.

In this guide, we are focusing on games played on consoles or PC and not mobile games. On the other hand, if you love football and want to play on your phone, make sure to read’s’s guide to the best football games on Android.

So, we have compiled some of the best football-themed games to play right now:



Probably the most famous name in sports games, FIFA continues to be one of the most popular titles sold year after year. The brand new edition has some new features that are exciting; including the opportunity to create your own club in manager mode and hypermotion technology. This tech uses the movements of players in real life and emulates it within the game meaning that it is even more realistic. Moreover, the Ultimate Team feature is proving to be very popular which allows you to build a squad of superstars (past and present) to compete against others online. Albeit, buying the packs can get expensive, but you earn points playing games and if you are lucky, you can land a star player when swapping coins for packs.

FIFA 22 has become a lot more attack orientated in recent years with many games being end-to-end football and exceptionally frantic. When playing against your friends, nothing can beat an exhilarating 10-9 win. Unrealistic yes, but uber fun.

Rocket League

Rocket League

One of the most popular games in the world, it is very exciting and can get crazy – real quick. The premise of the game is playing football whilst driving cars with power-ups along the way. It is especially popular in Asia and is also a popular esport for fans to bet on. There are many international tournaments with impressive prize pools, and the game is only growing in popularity.

There are three cars on each team and whoever scores the most goals at the end wins. You can customize the cars by adding hats for extra fun, with many players saying that the game is easy to understand but very difficult to master.

Football Manager

Football Manager

If you fancy yourself as a tactician, then Football Manager (FM) is for you. You have your choice of any team, so you can start at the bottom of the football pyramid or manage one of the big clubs to glory. The database on FM is unrivaled with players, managers, coaches, clubs all accurately covered, allowing the manager to make decisions for the club accordingly.

There are a few minor improvements to the latest edition; one being extended deadline days and another major plus being revamped staff meetings. Bear in mind, you can spend many hours on this game and it can be very addictive, so always take regular breaks.


If you love football, there are many games for you to play. Whether a strategy game like Football Manager or a crazy game like Rocket League there is something for everyone. Depending on where you are located, the popularity of games differs from region to region. For example, in Europe FIFA reigns supreme whereas in places like Thailand and Malaysia eFootball is the preferred game of choice. However, if you would prefer a universally played game whether you are from Thailand or elsewhere, you can try football-themed slots. There are countless slots that include Football Fever and Football Crazy and there are places to play for free. Take Asiabet, they review all the best online operators, advise on the legality of gambling and check for all the best welcome bonuses including free spins and first deposit bonuses while only recommending safe and fair sites. They also have a list of blacklisted sites in Thailand to avoid.

We have all played hours on our favorite football games and with computers getting even more powerful, the future looks very bright. The simplicity of the games makes them fun and if you are playing with friends online, they get super competitive very quickly.

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