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The Challenges of Hidden Object Games

Rate this Article Hidden object games are being developed all the time, and with these new games come new challenges and styles of gaming. Hidden Object Games - The Challenges of Hidden Object Games

In this article we will discuss some of the challenges of a hidden object game. This much loved genre of online games seems to be changing and along with those changes come new styles of gameplay and new ideas on how they should be played.

There is a distinct trend towards more of an adventure style game where you are immersed into a game world, rather than an outside observer. In these games you are often able to navigate round the places you find the hidden objects, rather than being given a list of scenes in some way.

This change has also led to the addition of puzzles and mini games to become more widespread. In many cases to get to a hidden object scene you will need to find several items and solve a puzzle, just to be able to then find the scene and play it.

But while you are doing this you feel more involved, and instead of a few scenes with a basic story, suddenly you are right there in the heart of the action. Turning everything into part of the game, with clues and items hidden all over the place, not just in the scenes you would expect. This style adds a fantastic new level of complexity while keeping the theme of a hidden object game. But it’s not just adventuring around a town or building that makes these games so engaging.

There are also a new wave of games arriving where not only do you have hidden object games to play, but you can also build something in the process, from doing up a mansion, to building a whole town.

The challenge in these games is to collect enough currency or items to be able to complete the buildings that you want. Many of these games grant the ability to trade between your friends that play, or to use a special currency to buy those last things that you need. But the real difficulty lies in getting everything by yourself without using these options.

But even if you don’t play one of the new styles of game and you follow a more traditional method of playing, there are still interesting ways to make the game challenging. One of the easiest and best for the genre is the level of detail in the scenes.

With ever increasing technology the developers can add more and more detailed and beautiful artwork to the hidden object scenes. There are some truly breathtaking images used in today’s hidden object games, and the options for hiding items are almost limitless.

Gone are the days where an item would really stand out, having been dropped onto an image sometimes they look completely different or stick out dramatically. In many of the new games these items blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. While still being able to be found, these new images make looking for the items more fun and, let’s be honest difficult.

But this additional level of difficulty is really enjoyable to play, rewarding you for the time you spend playing and for collecting those extra hints or special boost items. That feeling when you finish a particularly challenging scene is fantastic.

But the fun does not end there, in each game there is often a unique twist in a scene, from adding a timer, to objects being hidden inside of something else in that scene. Like a broach placed inside of a box, but you have to find the key for the box somewhere else in that scene.

This added level of complexity coupled with the wonderful images and updated graphics on offer across all styles of hidden object game make for an exciting level of play that just was not available in the past.

Hidden object games are always in development and there are new ideas being brought forward all the time. These changes help keep this much loved genre of gaming alive and fresh, but also bring new and interesting challenges with every game. It is these challenges that we rise to meet when we play, and what a great feeling it is when we achieve them.

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