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The Great Plot: The Awakening Series

Rate this Article Awakening is a casual hidden object puzzle adventure game series developed by Boomzap Entertainment and published exclusively by Big Fish Games.

The series consists of eight installments with connected storylines, and is revered as one of the oldest and most successful franchise among hidden object games. Get to know details in its great accompanying plot as we share it in this following article.
Hidden Object Games - The Great Plot: The Awakening Series

The Awakening series a hidden object game series developed by Boomzap Entertainment and published exclusively by Big Fish Games. They complete a collection of eight installments, pertaining to hone a connected story line to one another.

Seemingly popular to avid players of the genre, the Awakening series have been downloaded over 17 million times on different platforms it was released for and considered as one of the most successful Hidden Object Adventure franchises.

The plot of the game revolves around the life of Princess Sophia (the main character the player would have to play) – as she awakens in a mysterious castle from a deep slumber. Apparently, she got separated from her family and is then helped by a fairy towards her fixating on an epic journey. The goal in the game is to have her find her people - by traversing the different locations (hidden object scenes) for clues about the events that have occurred and trail for leads of solution along the way.

As she struggles on her journey, she gets to seek help from the different magical creatures she encounters, including which the wise Goblin king. As many obstacles come her way, she scours the outskirts of the kingdom in search for the powerful Enchantress to undo the curse enveloping her kingdom. On the sixth installment of the series, Awakening: The Red Leaf Forest, she finally defeated the enemy once and for all.

The series basically sports hidden object games – integrated with the same bread-crumb trailing style of scouring for key items and clues needed to advance in the story. In addition to this, the game is pursued with lots of absorbing elements and aesthetics that essentially furnish harmony over the greater following of the story. They also share the familiar goal of finding relevant clues in a scene or to scour through useful items over an area that can be acquired and be used at a latter point in the game.

A reinvigorated line-up of great scenes are compiled to make up the series’ brilliant collection of puzzles and riddles with epic proportions that will surely challenge even the veterans among hidden object games. The story provides an evoking interest with its fascinating approach to resolve the story in the series and convey a conclusion over the kingdoms struggles with the hundred year curse.

At the final leg of the installment, Awakening: The Golden Age, you won’t be playing the role of queen Sophia any longer. Instead the whole story takes place before she was born – altogether making the game a prequel to the series. In the game, players will have to play the role of Sasha and her quest to avoid the minotaur attack and escape it in order to reach the castle and bring the war to an end once and for all. In contrast to the other titles in the series, the game pertains to come with a dark theme and mood, and it’s also more action oriented.

Summing it all up, the game series provided quite a great plot that is seemingly delivered as a whole for a whooping 4 years in the making. It has detailed great lore to expand the impending dilemma of the main protagonist in the story, and yet still provided a relative interest to its patrons nonetheless. A great series to enjoy and surely entertain you among hidden object games.

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