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Travel Virtually with These Hidden Object Games from Alawar!

Rate this Article Hidden objects games will always be popular, but some of them will make you feel like you can almost get out of home during the pandemic; do you know which ones they are? Hidden Object Games - Travel Virtually with These Hidden Object Games from Alawar!

Casual gaming is one of the most famous trends nowadays since everybody has access to good quality casual games, but even though we have a lot of endless runners and merge games, there’s no older or more famous casual sub-genre than the hidden objects game. We all have played them at least once in our lives because they’re entertaining and help you focus in a casual way.

Today we brought for you the beautiful adventure of a girl and her parents on their family vacation, in which they plan to visit different places in Europe. If you like the astonishing scenery of the European continent and you also enjoy a high-quality hidden objects game, we totally recommend you to try downloading these excellent titles from Alawar, a great platform for all kinds of gamers.

Travel to Italy

This family vacation starts in Italy since this was the place where the elderly couple had their honeymoon so much time ago. Even though the game looks like any other hidden objects game, the amount of work and the artwork for each level is exceptional. Each level takes place in a famous tourist spot of Italy like Milan, Venice, Vienna, the coliseum, etc.

Your job is to find the objects you have on a little list on the bottom of the screen; each time that you find an object, it will be erased from the list and replaced with another until there are no more things to find, it sounds easy, right? But the truth is completely different since the developers of this game made a really good job placing the object so they are perfectly camouflaged.

Travel to England

Even though the family thought that their vacation would end in Italy, they found out that the plane back to America has a stopover in England. But this is good news because they can go sightseeing and enjoy the tourist spots in the old country. Of course your job as an investigator it’s not over, since you have to keep looking for all the hidden objects.

Visit Big Ben, the British Museum, Stonehenge, the Buckingham Palace and so much more, but remember to keep your eyes open to find all the hidden items. If you feel like you’re stuck and you don’t seem able to find a few objects, you can always use the hint button to help you, but this one needs time to reload so try to not rely on it.

Travel to France

If you enjoyed Italy and England, embrace yourself because we are now visiting the country of love. That’s right our next destination with the family in France, but now the task is even bigger because you’ll have to find all the hidden items with a time limit. Get ready to go to the Louvre Museum, the Arch of Triumph, and of course the beautiful and unique Eiffel Tower.

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