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Various Puzzles in Hidden Object Games

Rate this Article Being a hidden object game veteran, you surely have encountered your fair share of puzzles in these games. However, how many of them have you actually faced? Let's find out! Hidden Object Games - Various Puzzles in Hidden Object Games

Being a hidden object game veteran, you surely have encountered your fair share of puzzles in these games. However, how many of them have you actually faced? Which of them are your favorites? Let’s take this brief journey together to find out more about some of the puzzles available in hidden object games!

Firstly, what are puzzles? Puzzles can be considered as a game or a problem that gauges someone’s ingenuity or knowledge. Using logic and, sometimes, common sense, you’ll need to put the pieces of the puzzles together to form the solution. As mentioned, there are plenty of puzzle types in hidden object games, and the most common of them is possibly the “spot the difference” puzzle.

In this puzzle, players will have to identify all the differences between two hidden object scenes or pictures that are placed side by side. Some differences could be something more obvious such as an entire item hidden in plain sight. Or sometimes, these differences can be something more intricate, such as a smudge on an area of the scene or even a mere line or dot in a place where it has no business to be in. One example of such difficult “spot the difference” puzzle is the map puzzle in 1912: Titanic Mystery where you have to accurately compare 2 map outlines down the tiny dots of what presumably to be small islands.

Another more familiar puzzle that you will most certainly encounter in almost every hidden object game, ranging from popular hidden object games like Criminal Case to more obscure ones like Letters from Nowhere 2, is the jigsaw puzzle. The basic version of the puzzle requires you to match fragmented pieces of an object, usually a paper, a picture or a photo, together to form a complete item. There are a crazy load of variations for this type of puzzles though. One example is the sliding tile puzzle where you are given a box filled with tiles (the box usually have 1 tile missing), and you’ll have to move them in such a way that the tiles will form the correct picture. Although jigsaw puzzles are generally simple to solve, sliding tile puzzles can be, at times, truly frustrating to complete (from personal experience).

If you’re both a hidden object junkie and a “wordie”, you’ll surely love this third type of puzzle – word puzzles! For this sort of puzzle, you will need to cleverly guess out the word/s required in order to proceed to the next level. Similar to jigsaw puzzles there are many forms of word puzzles, including popular ones like anagrams and hangman, to more obscure word puzzles like ciphers, crosswords and word search. For instance, in the cowboy-themed hidden object adventure game, Rangy Lil’s Wild West Adventure, Rangy’s kidnapped girls tried to take their mind off their situation by playing a game of hangman, which you get to enjoy playing as well. In the game, Robinson Crusoe, you’ll also encounter a scene in which you are asked to guess the name of the dwarf strapped to a homemade rocket. Of course, you are given hints to guide you to solving the puzzle.

There are plenty of unique puzzles that game developers have come up for various hidden object games too... too many, in fact, to be properly categorized into groups. If you have any interesting and special puzzles that you would like to share, do feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Also, if you’ve enjoyed reading this, be sure to rate this article!

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