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What Makes a Great Hidden Object Game?

Rate this Article In this article we will discuss what makes some of the best hidden object games so much fun to play. Hidden Object Games - What Makes a Great Hidden Object Game?

There are many styles of hidden object game available and we have covered why they are popular, but now we will discuss what makes some of these games really stand out, what is it that makes a great hidden object game?

The first thing that we look at when we play a hidden object game is the quality of the scenes themselves, and the artwork or pictures surrounding them. These scenes are why we play these fantastic games and the higher the quality for the game the better it is to play. Whether its a photograph or piece of artwork the scenes are what forms the core of a game.

Many of the best scenes are not actually photographs but very well animated and drawn pieces of art. Often they will have animations or moving parts to them that add a sense of depth and detail that photographs can’t quite produce. But the scenes also have to contain a huge amount of detail themselves, without these details they can look dull or not make you feel engaged.

Scenes often work best if they are part of a story and follow a specific theme. Often you can have completely different places linked in the same hidden object game, from an airport to an abandoned theatre. As long as there is a story you can almost throw in any scene that you want, but they also need to fit within that story.

The best hidden object games have a long story, or theme running through. Whichever character you portray, the noble detective or the lost child there has to be a reason for you to be there, and these stories help draw you in and paint a larger picture for you to experience. The feeling of advancing the story and getting to the end is amazing, and what many people play these games for.

But outside of the scenes and the story, there are other options you can add in to make the games even better. One of the most interesting is adding in a series of puzzles or mini games, both to help you gain either a power, booster or energy, but also to break up the scenes, and help prevent a feeling that the game is a little too much the same all the way through.

And then there are games that add puzzles into the object scenes, or make them a part of the world exploration. By solving puzzles you can unlock a door, or find that missing clue. In whatever way they work these puzzles really can add a huge amount of interest to the game. They can also provide you with that much needed little extra to finish the story.

As well as having beautiful scenes to play through, the rest of the game also needs to follow the theme of the story or design of the game. If you are playing in the future you would expect the game to reflect that in the way that it is designed. From the clothes you wear to the types of powers or hints available, they need to blend in with the rest of the play style and theme.

In the larger games around there can be over 100 different scenes for you to play through, and the best of these large games have fabulous maps for you to navigate. These maps are really high quality, and show you where you have been, but also where you can go to when you progress further into the game. As well as maps they also have control panels, or special devices that allow you to jump between scenes, or your inventory easily.

Using items you find is another great thing that some games let you do, from finding a crowbar to open a box to a vital missing piece of a painting. Adding these items could count as a puzzle, but its more than that. It adds a further detail that blends in well with all of the others, so with puzzles, fabulous scenes, maps and special inventory items you begin to form a much deeper and immersive game.

The really good hidden object games are the ones that draw you in, that get you involved in the story and solving puzzles and object scenes. Along the way you will meet fun, interesting or just downright weird characters, adding another fun element to an already brilliant game.

Individually, many of these things we have covered don’t make a game that great, but if you add them all together suddenly it all makes something that was good into something that is great. While there may be other features that you enjoy in a game, or some of these that you like less, in either case, the detail and beauty are what bring us to play these wonderful games.

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