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What Makes Dark Manor So Good?

Rate this Article Dark Manor is a stunning game from Big Fish, but why is it so much fun to play and what can you do here?
Hidden Object Games - What Makes Dark Manor So Good?

Dark Manor is an incredible hidden object game that's received many positive ratings and has been greatly enjoyed by pretty much everyone who's given a shot. In this article we'll be breaking this game down a bit and talking about the things that make it so great.

Before anything else, perhaps the defining factor of this game is the fact that it does an excellent job of depicting the era in which it is set. The game takes place in the midst of the 1920s and it's pretty incredible how it manages to capture the essence of that specific timeline. There are carriages, vintage looking shops and a lot of similar things. This excellent execution of the era makes this game super immersive and makes it a cut above its competitors.

Dark Manor's gameplay is also nothing to be taken lightly. It's been pulled off spectacularly, the hidden object scenes are challenging yet feel very rewarding to complete, the mini-games and puzzle sequences are of various different kinds and each one is more fun and engaging than the previous one.

Although the basics are pretty great, what makes the gameplay of this release so unique is the fact that it gives players their very own mansion to mess around with. You can decorate the mansion with many different things that you'll acquire as you progress through the game, this feature is great and definitely manages to do a great job of setting Dark Manor apart from the crowd.

Aside from these things, Dark Manor's plot is also another major reason behind its success. As the name already implies, the game takes place within a really dark manor which you have been tasked with exploring. The manor is plagued with many kinds of traps and scary creatures lurk everywhere in it. You must protect yourself while also uncovering all the secrets that this place has hidden for so many years and why so many people dare not go near it.

The main things that round Dark Manor off and truly makes it a top tier game are its insane graphics. First off it's worth mentioning that the overall art style and theme of this game is unlike any other seeing how it's set in the 1920s but it's been pulled off phenomenally. The animations are incredible, the small cut-scenes are a delight to watch, the color palette is highly fitting and there's on overall creepy feel to the game that makes the experience much more enjoyable and engaging. These visuals are backed up by the highest quality sound effects there are that help tie everything together and work wonders for the players' experience.

All things considered, there are many things that have contributed to making Dark Manor the highly successful and popular game that it is as of right now so the stuff mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg. Needless to say, we recommend trying this game out as its more than capable of providing hours upon hours of fun.

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