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What Makes Hidden Express Fun to Play?

Rate this Article There are some attributes that make Hidden Express a fun-filled game. Read on and find out! Hidden Object Games - What Makes Hidden Express Fun to Play?

Hidden Object games are indeed very fun to play. There’s always something enjoyable about racing against time to find an entire list of objects in a single scene or background. Although you’re just using your eyes to find that which you need, the heart still races fast especially if there’s a time limit to what you’re supposed to do as a Hidden Object player.

That is what you can expect when you’re going to take on the helm in Hidden Express. This is an exciting Hidden Object game that brings its own twist to the genre. This unique twist is what makes the game very appealing to a wide variety of HO fans, from the mediocre to the hardcore players of this genre.

Okay, the reason is it’s called the Hidden Express is because the premise of the game has the protagonist riding a train filled with photographs which are also Hidden Object puzzles. You’re given a photograph to solve, which represents a cart in the train. Go ahead and solve those puzzles. With your skills in Hidden Object games, you won’t find it that difficult to solve those… or so you think.

The game puts in its own twist to this game, which doubles the challenges and enjoyment factor of Hidden Express. When you start solving an HO puzzle, you’ll find that a train is moving along the tracks while you do so. We know that a train is made up of several cars, and each car represents a Hidden Object puzzle that you must solve. So, in each level, you can expect to be given three or even more puzzles to solve.

Sound easy? Think again! The train on the bottom of the screen is actually a representation of the time limit. You will have to keep a close eye on the train while you scour over the photographs to find those objects that you need to spot. This added requirement will put a bit more stress into the situation. If you’re the type of player that has a sweet tooth for thrills and challenges, you’ll love this unique feature of this Hidden Object game. After all, this is not something you can encounter everyday in this genre.

Here is the game’s strongest point – the photographs are all professionally done, and are captures of real landscapes that have been embedded into the game. While they are definitely eye candies, you’ll realize later on that this is actually part of the challenge. You could get lost with the quality of the pictures that you might forget that there’s a time limit running!

Once the last cart enters the tunnel, the level is lost. You’ll have to play it again, but you won’t get back the energy that you’ve lost. That should not be a problem – if you have many friends who are also playing the game, you can get somebody to send you some free energy boosters. Also, if you’re quick on solving puzzles, you can also get free energy boosters from each level that you successfully solve!

Don’t take our word for it. Go ahead and give Hidden Express a try!

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