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Why You Should Use the Alawar Game Box?

Rate this Article Alawar just released a desktop assistant known as the Alawar game box. If you're an avid gamer and you want to keep getting more content for a long time, this is the article for you. Hidden Object Games - Why You Should Use the Alawar Game Box?

If you have heard of Alawar, you should already know about the huge variety of titles that it has to offer. Some classic gems like Treasures of Montezuma for example or the great title Farm Frenzy as well. Even if you are not so much into gaming, you might enjoy some of the most casual games in their catalog. The point is that this is a great platform to find games.

But what if we wanted to have easier access to Alawar’s games? Maybe some more organization or some way to be aware of the latest games without having to go into the main website of Alawar? That wouldn’t represent a problem now because the platform just released a desktop assistant also known as the Alawar game box.

What is the Alawar Game Box?

The Alawar game box is the client designed for the Alawar platform, in which you can organize all the games you have, but that’s not it, since besides the library of games the Alawar game box gives you all kind of news about this platform and allows you to update the games that you already have without having to go into the main page.

Right now the Alawar game box it’s just a beta, which means that it’s not the final version because it needs to interact with real people so the users can test it and see what’s wrong with it so the developers can fix it and create the best experience. Of course, if you want to keep playing your games without the Alawar game box, you can totally do it, but we recommend this tool to make your life easier.

What can I find inside the Alawar game Box?

This great client gives you the entire world of Alawar into one comfortable program since you can see on the star page all the newest titles and the most famous ones. Besides, you’ll have the games divided by genres like shooters, arcades, puzzles, etc. you can download any of the Alawar games from this little window and start playing them at the exact moment that the download is over.

You also have a section called “my games”, in which you’ll see all the games that you have downloaded. In the full section are all the complete games that you have. In the demo menu are all the free trials that you still haven’t fully downloaded and in the download menu are all the current downloads.

Why should I get the Alawar game Box?

It’s a mess to just have all your Alawar games as different icons on your desktop, but with the Alawar game box, you’ll have better control of all your games with automatic updates and access to the latest news of the platform. Besides, since this is just the beta version, Alawar needs you to help them improve the experience to create a better client for you to enjoy later.

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