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Yuletide Season Hidden Object Game Treats

Rate this Article Get a hold of some wonderfully carried out hidden object games that will make a merrier yuletide season to enjoy and get challenged with in this short article! Hidden Object Games - Yuletide Season Hidden Object Game Treats

To get us started with the list, we share to you the Christmas Stories series. Packed with great classic Christmas tales, the series persists on handing out greatly laid out adventures to share to you these wonderful story classics. The series share a great pool of Christmas-themed-must-have games. From the accompanying plot, the adventure style of play, the relative tweaks to the gameplay, and collection of scenes to play through, they should easily fetch you some great hidden object games to simply enjoy the season with.

From the series we have the title ”Christmas Stories; A Christmas Carol”, where you pick up on the task to lend a hand to your uncle Scrooge – to help him undo the bad turns in his life. In the game, you take on some friendly Christmas ghost encounters as well. We also have the “Nutcracker”, where you dive into the classic Christmas tale, with a whole new twist. In this game, you get to help the nutcracker rescue the princess from the evil rat king. Other than that, there is the “Hans Christian Andersen’s Tin Soldier”. In this title, the rat king's wand has fallen into the hands of a vengeful baron. Team up with your new friend, the Tin Soldier, to attend to the crisis.

Aside from the Christmas Stories series, we also recommend the bunch of Christmas Wonderland Series. Christmas is coming and Santa is working non-stop to get everything ready - but time is running out. Pick up on the different hidden object scenes as you travel in and around Santa’s hive - the Wonderland. Crammed full of hidden objects, help Santa find all the toys scattered around the place in order to catch up with the remaining time before Christmas for him to deliver the presents in time.

There 5 titles to play in this series, with a great expansion of the similar classic hidden object challenge for their collection of scenes. Every game compiles great collection of locations (hidden object scenes), challenging mini-games, and wonderfully designed assets to get you all tuned up for the season. More so, they pertain to share great re-playability with variations of tasks in every scene. As with the usual lot you get from the publisher, you also get an hour of free trial to each and every title – prior to actual purchase.

Lastly we have Christmas Eve: Midnight Call to recommend. More than just the usual casual challenge to be handed down to you, the delivery of Christmas Eve: Midnight Call is built around a great plot. It picks up on two sisters – encountering a supernatural event that occurred and has claimed one of the two sisters, never to be found again. You play as the surviving sister and fast tracked a couple of years past. A mysterious message gets to you – telling that someone else might know about what happened a couple years back and provide relative help to find your sister once again. As it turns out, the given location sends you off to a magical dimension – where you start your journey towards finding your long lost sister.

Rest assured, these few titles we mentioned should give you a hefty bunch of Christmas themed hidden object scenes to scour through and get you very well entertained as well as challenged. We hope that you get to enjoy them as much as we did!

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