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Older Posts Thu, Sep 2, 2021

Uncle Hank's Hidden Objects Version: is released!

Uncle Hank's Hidden Objects Version: is released! Come and check out what's new! Read More
Wed, Dec 9, 2020

New Game Added: Uncle Hank's Hidden Objects

Uncle Hank – Mess in the Farm gameplay Uncle Hank – Mess in the Farm challenging hidden object scene Uncle Hank – Mess in the Farm making progress Enjoy this fun and engaging hidden object game that you can enjoy in the comfort of your browser.

Utilize the hint or time bonuses to your advantage whenever you’re in a rough situation.

Locate all the objects as quickly as you can to move onto the next level.
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Tue, Jan 28, 2014

New Game Added: Rooms of Memory

Cellar in Rooms of Memory Rooms of Memory Library Dungeon in Rooms of Memory We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Rooms of Memory here:

Rooms of Memory is a new game from Big Fish Games, 100% free you can download and begin to explore this amazing and wonderful new game.

Explore beautiful rooms in your mansion.

Chase off ghosts and monsters as you find special items.

Unlock the secrets of the world around you.
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Sat, Jan 25, 2014

New Article Added: Our Hidden Object Community

Our Hidden Object Community preview image We love playing hidden object games, and so do many of you and in this article we will recognise our fabulous community and some of the comments that we receive. Read More
Mon, Jan 13, 2014

New Article Added: What Makes a Great Hidden Object Game?

What Makes a Great Hidden Object Game? preview image In this article we will discuss what makes some of the best hidden object games so much fun to play. Read More
Thu, Jan 9, 2014

New Game Added: Nevertales: The Beauty Within

Nevertales: The Beauty Within Stained Glass Scene Children's Library in Nevertales: The Beauty Within Nevertales: The Beauty Within Object Scene Nevertales: The Beauty Within is a downloaded Hidden Object Game from Big Fish, enter a world of mystery and suspense when a baby is left on your doorstep.

Solve puzzles as you explore the world in front of you.

Discover hidden object scenes and play through them.

Use unlimited hints and your special owl helper.
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Wed, Jan 8, 2014

New Game Added: Awakening Kingdom

Awakening Kingdom Fairy Dragon Nest Forgotten Glen in Awakening Kingdom Awakening Kingdom Mystic Copse Awakening Kingdom is a free downloaded game from Big Fish Games. Download the game and play through a fun adventure full of hidden object scenes and fun mini games.

Rebuild the castle and town to its former glory.

Play fun mini games to earn bonuses.

Collect resources and treasures in fantastic hidden object scenes.
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Tue, Jan 7, 2014

New Game Added: Fablewood

Fablewood Rabbit Hole Caterpillar's Mushroom in Fablewood Fablewood Mad Tea Party Play Fablewood free on Facebook, adventure through some of the best stories ever and restore the magical world of Fablewood.

Play through some wonderful animated hidden object scenes.

Complete quests and earn fantastic rewards.

Use special boosters to help you as you play.
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Mon, Jan 6, 2014

New Game Added: Disney Hidden Worlds

Disney Hidden Worlds Belle's House Disney Hidden Worlds Gameplay Disney Hidden Worlds Picture Level Help Chrona restore these wonderful stories in Inkspire.

Play scenes from your favorite movies and see if you can find all the objects.

Craft special items and upgrade parts of the world.
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Thu, Dec 26, 2013

New Game Added: Dark Manor

Dark Manor Train Station Fortune Teller in Dark Manor Dark Manor Manorhouse Dark Manor Street Level Dark Manor Crystal Ball Dark Manor Stairs Dark Manor is a Hidden Object Game game brought to you by Big Fish set in the 1920’ with a ghostly twist. The game is free but requires a download, follow the link above the review to download.

Collect ectoplasm by finding items in hidden object windows.

Fill the grounds of your mansion with cool items and collect Juju.

Play with no timer and unlimited hints.
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Mon, Dec 23, 2013

New Game Added: Mystery Revenge: Hidden Evidence

Mystery Revenge: Hidden Evidence Park Back Ally in Mystery Revenge: Hidden Evidence Mystery Revenge: Hidden Evidence Nightclub Bathroom Mystery Revenge: Hidden Evidence is a hidden object game that is free to play on Facebook. Set in the near future in New Hell City you are sent to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances.

Play through amazing hidden object windows.

Use special futuristic boosters to help you.

Solve crimes as you hunt down the missing people.
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Thu, Dec 19, 2013

New Game Added: Psychic Clues

Gameplay for Psychic Clues Psychic Clues bedroom Gas Station in Psychic Clues Psychic Clues is a free Facebook Hidden Object Game, step into the shoes of a freelance detective and use your psychic powers to solve murder cases.

Find the clues in hidden object windows.

Use your psychic powers to find extra information.

Catch criminals and solve cases.
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