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3 Hidden Object Games Involving Horror Elements

Diesen Artickel einschätzen If you love horror stories, then you should check these three games out. Versteckte Objekte Spiele! - 3 Hidden Object Games Involving Horror Elements

Hidden Object games are a diverse genre when it comes to storylines. However, most of the games under the genre involve horror and suspense, so ghosts and paranormal activities can be considered a staple when it comes to Hidden Objects. Here are three games that you might want to check out. If you’re the sort that can’t sleep after seeing or reading anything that deals with horror, however, you might want to move on to another article and skip these games.

First game on the list is Medford Asylum: Paranormal Activity. The name itself reeks of ghosts and other supernatural activity. The game involves an insurance investigator named Allison Carter, who goes in to the Asylum to investigate reports that there are ghosts bothering the workers. The asylum’s history is one that you can find ideal for horror stories and ghosts – it burned in a fire 15 years before the timeline of the game, and several of the mentally incapacitated patients of the asylum were killed in the tragedy. Now, the Asylum is being renovated but workers are not showing for work out of fear that there will be ghosts that will harass them.

The next game is Fear for Sale: City of the Past. This is an entry in the Fear for Sale series, which is headlined by the paranormal journalist Emma Roberts who writes articles for the “Fear For Sale” magazine. She typically investigates paranormal events and her research and experiences are chronicles in the serial magazine. In this game, she is once again sent by her employer to investigate a town named Eastwood. What’s up with the town? Residents are complaining that the statues in their neighborhoods come to life after dark, and harass them. The events are somewhat connected to the city’s past, and Emma has to dive into the mystery and find out what’s going on.

The last game is Dracula’s Legacy. The game’s storyline deals with a young woman’s harrowing experience in a town that is haunted by monsters and vampires. She and her fiancée had come to visit the unnamed town to try and address unexplained resurgence of memories involving it, but on the way they are attacked by an unknown monster and became separated. Now, the young woman must both survive and find ways to rescue her fiancée from an unknown but seemingly horrifying fate. To do this, she must first climb up from a dungeon and explore a creepy ghost town to find her fiancée and save him.

Of course, these are but three games in the Hidden Objects genre that deals with horror and suspense. There are a lot more, too many that they cannot all be listed in a 500-word article. Feel free to search through the games in this website, however, to find good ones.

Hidden Object games are great ways to exercise your mind. They also cater to a wide range of storylines, which means that, whatever your tastes are, there’s a game in the genre that will satisfy you. If you’re a fan of horror, then do check these games out.

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