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5 Games to Uncover the Inner Detective in You

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Looking for new games to help unleash the inner sleuth in you? If so, here are a few suggestions: Versteckte Objekte Spiele! - 5 Games to Uncover the Inner Detective in You

Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

Hidden City

‘Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure’ is a graphically stunning hidden objects game that you must try out if you’re into finding obscured objects and artistic eye candy. In this game, you were looking for your missing friend who went missing in an enigmatic yet beautiful Shadow City, which is constantly surrounded by a cloud of black smoke and inhabited by weird creatures. This black smoke seemed to have empowered the people and things in the city with unusual abilities. In order to find your friend, you have to complete quests, explore dangerous dungeons, research amulets, and get help from your newfound friends.

Hidden Objects - Uncle Hank's Adventures’

Uncle Hank

If you’re looking for something less mysterious, more warm and friendly, like helping your neighborhood’s uncle, you can try ‘Hidden Objects - Uncle Hank's Adventures’. In this game, you will help poor Uncle Hank in looking for objects he needed, starting from his messy farmhouse that was completely turned upside down after his routine trip to the market. Follow the trail of destruction from different sections of his farmhouse, to the big city, and even to his holiday destination in Hawaii! This game is easy and very suitable for casual play, but it also features timed scenes whereby you have to quickly find all the hidden objects within a specific amount of time.

Murder in the Alps

Murder in the Alps

What if you’re more of a crime investigator, like in the Sherlock Holmes movies? Look no further than the ‘Murder in the Alps’! It is a cross hybrid of role-playing and hidden objects game. In this game, you are tasked to solve a murder mystery that took place at a hotel in the Alps. To do this, you have to find hidden objects across a number of beautiful locations and piece the clues together to get to the bottom of the crime. This game also provides a strategy guide to help the player look for hidden clues. A hint before you dive into this game - be ready for plot twists!

Home Designer – Dream House Hidden Object

Home Designer

Maybe you are an artistic person, a designer at heart. In this case, you should definitely give ‘Home Designer – Dream House Hidden Object’ a try! In this game, you are the home designer for your aunt, and your job is to redesign her home by removing old objects and procure new objects. Furthermore, there is an option to design your own living room of your dreams, as there are more than 150 different types of furniture, and hence an endless number of combinations in the game! This game features different types of Hidden Object modes, such as Picture, Word, Silhouette, Night Mode, Mirror Mode, Anagram, Mystery Word, Spot the Difference, Memory Mode, Flash Sale mode, etc., which makes the game much more interesting!

Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala

Enigmatis 3

If you feel that normal Hidden Object games are rather dull and are looking for a game that is more story-driven and visually aesthetic, then Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala should be your main choice! In this game, you are the protagonist detective who is in pursuit of the evil demonic preacher hiding in an ancient monastery in the breathtaking Karakorum Mountains together with your partner Hamilton. This game is actually the third game of a trilogy (the first being in Maple Creek, while the second being in Ravenwood), where the evil preacher has successfully eluded your capture twice. Enigmatis 3 offers players a more dynamic hidden object gameplay as it features short video clips while also giving short scenes where players can look for critical clues in order to progress the mysterious storyline. Hesitate no further, dive into this game and stop the ominous preacher from his quest of world domination!

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