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5 Reasons for Hidden Object Games' Doom and Gloom

Diesen Artickel einschätzen If there's one theme that's prevalent in hidden object adventures, it's the "doom and gloom". Let's take a look at why this mood is so popular with most hidden object games. Versteckte Objekte Spiele! - 5 Reasons for Hidden Object Games' Doom and Gloom

If you’ve ever played a hidden object game before, chances are you got to play it in a spooky mansion, a haunted castle or a creepy crime scene. Moreover, you might have played it in a dark, brooding background music, as if you’re watching a scary movie. Games like the Mystery Case Files series or the Haunted Manor series are prime examples. When you’ve played a handful of hidden object games, you’ll notice that most of them have a similar theme of doom, peril, crime or evil forces lurking nearby.

Hidden object games were originally made from the idea of a scavenger hunt, which was initially designed for children. The developers of the first hidden object game added a story into the concept of finding things, and Mystery Case Files: Huntsville was born. This game is considered to be the first in its genre and developed by Big Fish Studios. The success of the game led to more versions that carried the theme and spawned even more games with other similar themes of a hidden object adventure game. With this background in mind, we can gather ideas as to why hidden object games elicit eerie vibes.

Many people love mystery/suspense

Be it in literature or film, there is a large number of people who love the mystery/suspense/crime genre. It’s not surprising that these people would also gravitate towards the same genre found in games. Mystery Case Files: Huntsville was inspired by a TV series called Cold Case Files, and naturally you would expect fans of the show to become fans of a game that is very similar.

Players are part of the story

Mystery Case Files

Unlike film or books where audiences are merely spectators of the story that unfolds, players of hidden object adventure games are part of the story. Whether it’s solving a crime, saving yourself from mortal danger or saving others, you are the protagonist and the success or failure of your quest is in your hands. This makes hidden object games very compelling for players, and they’re not just playing a game – they’re creating a story.

A game with a cause

You have to catch the killer before he kills again. You have to save the trapped ladies in a painting before time runs out. You have to get off a deserted island. In hidden object adventure games, theirs is a dire consequence for not completing the game. This particular push gives players the compelling reason to keep playing and figuring out the clues to solve one mystery after another. When you complete the game, you get the satisfaction of giving the story a happy or just ending.

Great for quiet time

While other games can be fast-paced and action-packed, hidden object games are generally laid back and are meant for players to concentrate and think. If you don’t like games with too much noise and action, then hidden object games are just the opposite. You can spend hours quietly playing the game and still enjoy solving puzzles and spotting objects from different scenes.

Different game modes

a puzzle in a hidden object game

Over the years, more puzzles and mini-games have been added to hidden object games. You won’t get bored finding objects and clues, because most games now shake things up by inserting puzzles and other mind-bending games within the main game. This makes most hidden object games so addictive, as you’ll find that there are much more things to solve and puzzles to put together apart from the main hidden object scenes. These little additions to the game add more depth to the storyline, and makes gameplay more interesting.

Hidden object games may not be the most popular genre in gaming, but there’s still a remarkable number of people playing them because it appeals to their personality. If you like scavenger hunts, solving crimes and games that push you to think, then hidden object games will be one of the ideal games for you. Its appeal is not for everyone, but when you discover how intricate and engaging it is, you’ll know that it’s definitely a game made for you.

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