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5 Things a Yakuza: Like a Dragon Beginner Needs to Know to Progress Faster

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Are you playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon? Well, its sprawling and lively open world could pose a challenge, but we're here to help. Versteckte Objekte Spiele! - 5 Things a Yakuza: Like a Dragon Beginner Needs to Know to Progress Faster

Welcome to the bustling and dangerous streets of Yokohama, the digital playground of the Yakuza: Like a Dragon video game. Its complexity can be a bit daunting for beginners that have never played this game before. Still, you shouldn't be afraid to try this fantastic role-playing video game because you can rest assured that it provides hours of fun and entertainment.

We will use this article to share tips and tricks tailored for new players eager to progress in the Yakuza: Like a Dragon video game as fast as possible. Of course, we also invite seasoned players to read our guide because they have missed something in their gaming session that can make them experience this title differently.

Treasure Hunting Is Not Just a Gimmick

In the previous installments of the Yakuza series, vending machines are usually used to purchase drinks and food that can help you improve your experience, attack, or defense. However, once you enter Chapter 3 in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, the vending machines and even piles of street garbage allow you to get involved in treasure hunting.

All it takes is a single click when you are next to a vending machine (or garbage), and you will get money, valuable gear, or items accepted at pawn shops. The latter means you can learn a hefty amount if you are lucky to get a valuable item.

Another thing we should note is that you can benefit from these locations and items more than once. Namely, if you collect the reward from a vending machine, you can wander around for a few minutes and collect more rewards once you return. The same goes for the trash.

Play Casino Games if You Are Good at Gambling

One of the things that make Yakuza: Like a Dragon attractive is the continuous surprises that this title provides to its players. For instance, did you know you can find a hidden underground casino here? This casino allows you to play poker, blackjack, and other games.

To start playing, you must purchase casino chips. The good thing is that you can exchange these chips to receive unique items. Of course, you can also exchange them to receive money. If you're good at gambling, you can benefit significantly from this feature.

On the other hand, if you want to improve your skills before playing online slots with real money, playing these mini-games at Yakuza: Like a Dragon can be very helpful. This makes sense, as the mini-games are realistic and incorporate the same rules as standard casino games. They operate with the elements of strategy and luck, which will help you advance your gambling strategies, regardless of the slot game of your choosing.

Don't Wait – Fight!

It goes without saying that wandering around the streets of Yokohama can be a fun and relaxing experience while playing this game. Still, you shouldn't avoid fights if you want to make progress. This is especially true when you accept substories.

Whenever you do this, it usually takes time before you can complete the substory or receive a call for a new one. This doesn't mean that you should stand and wait. Fighting random enemies around the city will increase your experience, bring you money, and speed up the time to get a call.

The same goes for purchasing new items. Whenever you go shopping, the game notices this and accelerates the time needed to get a new substory.

Save Some Money – Use the ATMs

Yakuza: Like a Dragon main character

Like in real life, carrying a lot of cash in your pocket is not a smart idea in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Remember that whenever someone defeats you in a fight, you lose half the money currently available in your pocket.

Still, there's a practical solution for this that can help you. We're talking about the ATMs found in various locations around the city. You can use them to protect your cash. You can do the same by placing deposits in specific stores, including Poppo. Don't forget that you are free to withdraw your money from an ATM whenever you want.

Use the Fast Travel Option

Yakuza: Like a Dragon, has a massive world that you have to explore. The more you explore, the more chances of finding something new occur. Still, once you reveal some locations, you should travel from point A to point B without spending much time. This is where taxis and fast travel come into play.

Compared to the previous titles from the Yakuza series, this one allows you to call a cab from any location. So, you don't have to walk to the fixed locations where the taxis are parked. All it takes is a call on your smartphone, and the taxi will arrive.

There are two things you should remember here. First, calling a taxi with your smartphone will cost you more. Second, you must visit the location where the parked taxi is to revisit it. In other words, you can travel only to taxi locations that you have unlocked.

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