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6 Features that Would Make Military Games More Realistic

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Here are a gameplay few features that could make military games more realistic. Versteckte Objekte Spiele! - 6 Features that Would Make Military Games More Realistic

Military games are among the most popular video games, which is attributed to their action-packed nature. The thrill of gaming is to enjoy real-life events simulated in a game where you get to control what happens. However, many companies have failed to provide players with such experiences. Although the game’s graphics and sound effects may contribute to a realistic gaming atmosphere, there is still room for improvements to guarantee realistic military simulation. Some of these recommendations are listed below.

Calls for fire should take 10 or more minutes and miss the first 3 times

Military shooters are getting rather unrealistic

It is almost impossible for artillery units to hit a target on the first attempt in a real-world situation. When launching airstrikes, they have many challenges before they get it right. While playing a military game, you will often trigger an airstrike, and many rounds will cascade and hit the exact spot you request. Developers need to build a difficulty level whereby a player should adjust fire a few times before actually hitting any target. From the first call, players should also wait for more than 10 minutes before a fire mission is launched. After that, the rounds can begin to cascade to the ground again.

Random mistakes by other team members

On a real battlefield, you will find a member of the squad slip on wet ground and fall, or another can trip on their strap. In other instances, you would see a squadmate stop to remove part of their gear stuck on a branch. Thus, it would be beneficial if military video games are built with these realities to add some tension. For instance, you can switch to a control that will allow you to help a fellow combatant if their gear fails to function or if they run out of a necessary skill strength.

Make players rehearse a mission 4 times and send them on a different one

Video games should be designed in a way that players are presented with a critical target which they should capture or kill. They can then watch a rehearsal and go to an open place where they practice killing or capturing the target using fake buildings. During this simulation, the target is changed where the player is asked to pursue a different mission for a number of days. This is what happens in a real military base to make sure that soldiers are always alert and ready for any task. Hidden games also use this technique to sharpen the player's problem-solving abilities.

Weapon misfires

Arma III is a good example of a fairly realistic shooter

Soldiers on a battleground will go through different terrains, and their efficiency goes down whenever they encounter tough ground. For example, there is a likelihood that while crawling in mud or sand, the soldier will misfire. Also, if a soldier fires 100 rounds without cleaning, the result is that they will misfire. Video games should be accustomed to recognize these moments of mishaps to make them more realistic. Today, you find that a player will accurately hit the target or even subdue an opponent under the most challenging circumstances.

Battle modes and virtual currency rewards

In real life, military soldiers are rewarded after major accomplishments. Although virtual, the introduction of such reward systems can go a long way to making military video games more realistic. This strategy has seen success in the gaming industry, where online casinos offer casino bonuses as a bankroll boost to new and existing players. Here, online players can find welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, no deposit offers for September, and exciting offers every month. Using this inspiration, military games developers can incorporate reward programs where players earn currency with every battle.

Include a haptic bodysuit that punches you when you are shot

Actual soldiers put on combat gear and they are also fitted with 40 pounds of armor. On the other hand, soldiers in most video games just have the usual uniforms. Creators of military video games could consider fitting the player with vests that have the same weight as the armor. This means that your character does not automatically die when shot.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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