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A Peek Behind the Curtains: The PiKoYa Games Network

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Find out more about the network that’s supplying you with your daily dose of games – the PiKoYa Game Network! Versteckte Objekte Spiele! - A Peek Behind the Curtains: The PiKoYa Games Network

Humans have an innate curiosity that can sometimes be pretty intense when it comes to issues that are close to their hearts. Our readers, being human and all, showed this curious behavior as well. After long last, we have finally decided that it’s time to pull back the curtains and introduce you all to the games network that had made all of these possible... The PiKoYa Games Network!

Regardless of which genre of games you enjoy playing, be it casual match-3 games or something much more hardcore, like MMOs, the PiKoYa Games Network has something for you! Grouped under the PiKoYa Content division, the Network itself is consisted of over 25 game review sites, but if you consider sites that are in languages other than English, that number will definitely be at least 30 or more.

Each site has content that is specially designed to cater to different types of players. For example, MMO gamers tend to flock to our MMO game review site, MMOSquare, as well as our other MMO-related sites like Appstoplay that contains the best mobile MMOs; PlayMMOFPS which features MMO shooter games only; PlayMMORTS that houses all the best online strategy games; GamesTough which is tailored for hardcore yet semi-MMO (or non-MMO) games like tower defense, and SandboxWorlds where you can search for fun and free sandbox MMOs in addition to sandbox virtual world games.

On the other hand, fans of match-3, puzzles and bubble-shooting can enjoy finding and playing games that they love via Gamesparkles and (for casual games on mobile) while detectives in the making can have fun playing various investigative hidden object games on MysteryVale. We even offer virtual world and simulation games on VirtualWorldsLand, which includes both 2D and 3D virtual world games; VirtualWorldGames3D (only 3D... with a few exceptions) and FarmGamesFree that contains only farm games for those virtual farmers at heart! For players who love playing games in some of the more obscure niches like mahjong, solitaire, word and poker games, they can also head on over to MahjongInn, SolitaireVale, WordGamesFun and PokerWorldz respectively.

Criminal Case

We even set up a game review site for “the future of gaming” a.k.a. virtual reality games, VirtualRealityGamesFree (called VRGF for short), a centralized portal for all online game news, Gamescoops, as well as fan sites for specific games like Criminal Case and Tanki X. Of course, if you happen to be one of “those sort” who just love playing almost all types of games, you could also check out one of our most ambitious projects to date – a database/website containing comprehensive game reviews of all the best online games, WWGDB! You can actually take a look at the list of sites that made up the PiKoYa Games Network through our centralized game portal,

This immense and perhaps even mycelium-like network is being fed on a constant basis by our team of professional game reviewers – people with plenty of experience with games and are incredibly passionate about games - from all corners of the world. In a way, our difference in culture and experiences, our different preferences for certain games and our common love of games have helped us to produce some of our best works. Some of our reviews are even cited by the game companies themselves!

Like most game sites though, in order to provide the best quality content to you, and to make sure our writers can pay their bills and rents, we also help game developers and companies to further promote their games on our sites through our marketing branch in the company in an effort to reach gamers who will truly enjoy the games that they’ve produced. It’s pretty much a win-win situation where we can get the funds to maintain the sites for our dear readers while we can help use the common factor – games – to link you to the games company that we are working with.

Now that you now know more about the company and the people behind the websites you’ve bookmarked and loved, we would also like to thank you all for your support. We hope you’d stay awhile and discover your next favorite game with us at the PiKoYa Games Network.

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