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Agatha Christie and the Realm of Mystery Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen When it comes to murder mysteries, there is no author quite like Agatha Christie. But her works go beyond mere words, and today exist even in the digital realm. Let's take a quick look at Agatha Christie's contribution to today's digital gaming world. Versteckte Objekte Spiele! - Agatha Christie and the Realm of Mystery Games

In the last few hours of the day, he stooped in front of his computer keyboard and screen, typing away furiously as he ran after the words flowing through his mind. The answers to the questions had eluded him for several days as he pondered deeply about the legendary author and the murders she wrote. Ah yes, Agatha Christie and her mystery (who dunnit) novels, the British Dame who even surpassed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the number of books sold. Agatha Christie is the one mystery author who ranks third in the number of distributed books aside from William Shakespeare and the Church. With over 70 detective novels to her credit, Christie had sold over 2 billion copies of her works, earning her the title "The Queen of Mystery" and one of the top-selling authors in history.

Agatha Christie

Aside from being a novelist, Agatha Christie was an accomplished and renowned playwright, with her works resulting in more than 8,800 showings within 21 years, holding the record for the longest unbroken run in a London theater. Aside from this, some of her best works have been turned into popular films like "Murder on the Orient Express" (1974) and "Death on the Nile" (1978). Her personal life was a mystery when she was said to have disappeared for 11 days due to a tumultuous relationship with her first husband, Colonel Archibald Christie, whom she married in 1914. Born in 1890 in Torquay, Devon, England, Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was home taught by her mother at an early age, who encouraged her to pursue a writing life.

Before and throughout her marriage, her novels started to gain popularity, and her name became the trademark popularly known today, the "Agatha Christie" mysteries. After her divorce from Archibald in 1928, she remarried in 1930. Her second husband, renowned archaeology professor Max Mallowan took her along on several of his expeditions, allowing her to incorporate these experiences in her writing.

And Then There Were None

The writer sat up and took a long breath. The mystery was beginning to unfold. The answers regarding Agatha Christie and what she had to do with video gaming came to light. Mystery games have become an important if not popular, gaming genre since computers started appearing in people's homes. Even the venerable detective Holmes could put two and two together. It's pretty elementary my dear Watson; you see, the Agatha Christie novels make a good port for the mystery gaming computer crowd. And thus, it surfaces the answer to the enigma regarding Agatha Christie and the Realm of Mystery gaming.

The ABC Murders

Let me take out my magnifying glass as we examine the evidence and the clues they may tell. So far, there are quite a bunch of murder mystery games that have been released in Agatha's name. In 2005, Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None. 2006, Murder on the Orient Express, 2007, Evil Under The Sun and Peril at End House, 2008, Death on the Nile, 2009, Dead Man's Folly, 2016, The ABC Murders, 2010, 4.50 from Paddington and in 2021, Hercule Poirot - The First Cases. Hmmm...ah, yes! She seems to have derived great inspiration from the Conan Doyle novels.

Just like Sherlock and You, Watson, Agatha Christie has the majority of her works deriving from the adventures (and misadventures) of the intrepid Belgian detective Hercule Poirot and that snooping village dame, Jane Marple. Not only that, she even has a television show credited to her name, which stars (the late) Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Jessica Flecher, grandma of a detective, and the mystery game that came out of it, "Murder, She Wrote."

Murder, She Wrote

The writer finally takes his hands off the keyboard and sighs, and the mystery has been solved! The realm of Mystery Gaming would never be what it is today if Agatha Christie had not written about those said murders many, many years ago. A huge inspiration for today's mystery and who dunnit game designers, and like Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie established the parameters and the basics of today's murder mysteries. These games are generally point-and-click and designed for serious thinkers. While it is true that they may look and feel boring as compared to other adventure games, they represent the legacy that Agatha Christie has left behind for generations to come.

The writer finishes up his report. The work has been done, and the case is finally closed.

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