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Criminal Case Stickers: Yay or Nay?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Ever since stickers were added to the game, the entire Criminal Case community had been in an uproar. Being a third party website, we feel that we’re in the best position to discuss about this issue and come to a conclusion if these stickers are a “Yay” or a “Nay”. Versteckte Objekte Spiele! - Criminal Case Stickers: Yay or Nay?

Ever since Criminal Case has implemented its new Stickers system, the entire Criminal Case community had been in an uproar. The gaming community has been split into 2 main groups – the few who actually supported the change and the majority who disliked the change. Being a third party Criminal Case fan website, we feel that we’re in the best position to discuss about this issue and come to a conclusion if these stickers are a “Yay” or a “Nay”.

So, what are these stickers, how they work and why they have incurred the wrath of the Criminal Case community? Implemented on 14th of April this year, Criminal Case replaced the usual full-star case completion rewards with a new Stickers system. The Stickers are another form of collectibles, a little bit similar to the Lucky Cards in the game, where players will be able to play scenes and earn stickers. You can also purchase sticker packs using real cash from the in-game store.

However, the real downer in all of this is the fact that collecting these stickers is completely pointless. Unlike Lucky Cards, you can’t exactly trade them in for useful stuff in the game, such as energy-replenishing foodstuff. Worst – you can no longer trade in extra stars you’ve earned for each case into energy points. They are just there for show.

If you’re unsure how this works, well, let’s break this down into details - With the old rewards system, players who managed to obtain all the stars in a case will be able to get 3 free burgers, which translate into a total of 360 energy points... That’s equivalent to 18 extra scenes that you can play before you ran out of energy once again and that’s a total of 150 premium cash saved!

Most players are willing to spend money in the game because they understood that by earning more stars, they will be able to in some way earn back their investment. However, with stickers, this is no longer possible. Due to this, quite a lot of players are understandably furious with a majority of them outright accusing Pretty Simple, the developing company behind Criminal Case, as being a cash-grabbing games company.

Sticker Albums in Criminal Case

Many from the community are refusing to spend any more in this game, which admittedly doesn’t bode well for Pretty Simple. Some even are threatening to leave the game they have so loved for another game instead. By the way, if you’re interested in migrating to a new yet similar game, you could take a look at our Games like Criminal Case article. That being said, leaving Criminal Case can be quite a traumatic affair for the hardcore Criminal Case fan.

Not to mention, a part of the Criminal Case community is also outraged and offended that the developers of the game thinks that their player base would enjoy collecting stickers... like some kindergarten kids who are awarded stickers when they are well-behaved. It’s just so childish, and not to mention, pointless! However, do take note that this is not exactly the main point of the discontent that the players of Criminal Case are experiencing, as some players (mainly the younger demographic) are actually delighted to have the chance to collect stickers of their favorite characters.

From what we can see in the Criminal Case community, Pretty Simple now has to choose between being stubborn and sticking to their stickers or they really need to at least change how the Stickers system works and fast! At the moment, it is pretty obvious that the stickers are here to stay. After all, the company has spent hours in creating those stickers. However, it’s also very obvious that the currently stickers system is just not working. They are not getting the type of response they should have.

Therefore, the only logical thing we, as fans of Criminal Case, could do now is to put some pressure - just enough to let them know you will not put up with getting useless stickers especially after spending loads of energy into replaying old scenes - on the company to add rewards to completing sticker collections. You can do this by signing on this petition that is pretty rapidly closing in on its target number of signatures or you can leave a comment on Criminal Case's Facebook fan page. That said, you should also give them enough time and the chance for them to implement the changes needed to keep their players happy. Patience is a virtue!

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