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Downloadable Hidden Object Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen With some of the best stories and graphics available today downloadable hidden object games are a now ready for you to try. We have listed some of the games available for you to try, so give them a whirl and enjoy a great hidden object game. Versteckte Objekte Spiele! - Downloadable Hidden Object Games

As well as online hidden object games, there are some available for you to download and play whenever you want to. With comprehensive stories and high quality design downloaded games are some of the best available. In this article we will cover some of the best ones available for you to download and play.

Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom gives you the opportunity to build your own zoo and run a cafe, and you achieve these by playing amazing hidden object games. The games ask you to find specific items and fill customer orders. The faster you fill the order the more money you will make to spend on your zoo. The object windows are restaurant themed, and the orders ask you to find ingredients and then prepare them. With stunning graphics and a zoo to make Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom has a little of everything.

Family Vacation: California takes you on a fantastic journey across the state of California. From the family home to the sunny beaches you will have plenty of hidden object windows and mini games to play. As you finish the games you can take photo’s to add to your album. In each object window some of the items you need to find are listed in blue. As you explore the window look for the magnifying glass and then you can find the items in blue in a special mini object window that appears. With cute graphics and fun gameplay Family Vacation: California is a great family game.

Nora Roberts - A Vision in White is based on the best selling novels by Nora Roberts, and is the set in the first book of 4 in the Bride Quartet series. Follow the story of the main character Mackensie "Mac" Elliot, and her adventures into romance that follow. With a wonderful winter setting and lots of wedding themes to play through, and gorgeously presented hidden object windows. Whether you are a fan of the books or not Nora Roberts - A Vision in White is a magnificent game to play.

Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy is a darker tale of a young teenage woman trying to find her missing grandfather. Traveling to the Ashburg Asylum you begin to unravel a mystery of missing people and a sinister plot. There is a map for you to navigate through and lots of hidden object windows for you to explore. As you wander around the asylum you will find clues and puzzles to solve. Despite the darker storyline Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy is stunning to play through, with highly detailed object windows that have moving parts adding to the spooky feeling.

Join the summer vacation of a family as they journey to London for the Olympics in Summer Supersports. Visit some of the best known Olympic sporting events and find hidden objects to collect for the family. See some of the best known attractions in London with photo realistic object windows. As well as the object windows there are fun puzzles for you to solve as you travel between sports and to different parts of the city. Summer Supersports will provide the whole family with sports related fun.

In Zulu's Zoo you will have your own zoo to manage, and try to win a huge grant so that you can keep the zoo open. As you enter the competition you will need to play through some fantastic hidden object windows. In the object windows you may need to find all of the animals cunningly hidden, or to remove lots of items that don’t belong in the enclosures. You can earn extra hints by collecting stars from the mini games, or finding them in the hidden object windows. With stunning quality photos of the animals and an engaging story Zulu's Zoo has a lot to offer.

Hidden Expedition: Everest takes you to the top of the world as you hunt down clues and find the man who knows the secret way to the top. Starting in the base camp you will begin a race against 3 other teams to reach the peak of Everest. Along the way you will need to find clues in exotic locations all over the world. There are other teams on the trail, and you can see you progress bar against them as you play through fantastic hidden object windows. Complete puzzles and mini games as you travel and see if you can reach the top before the others.

In Dark Manor you get to experience a spooky yet spectacular Hidden Object Game. From some amazing scenes you will earn coins to spend on upgrading your manor house. By day it looks like an ordinary place, but when it gets dark the whole manor changes. With some amazing stories, scenes and decorations to add Dark Manor is a wonderful experience. Also this game is a free download, and well worth a look.

Here we have a sample of some of the downloadable hidden object games that are around for you to play. Each game has a unique flavor and that little something that makes it stand out from the rest. Every game we have listed you can try for free, simply follow the link in the game review and download your very own epic hidden object game.

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