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Hidden Object Games on the Monstera Platform

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Hidden object games have been enjoyed by everyone way before computers or the internet being invented. But it has stood the test of time and has made its way through the age of online games. If you are a fan, then here are some hidden object games on the Monstera platform. Versteckte Objekte Spiele! - Hidden Object Games on the Monstera Platform

Time to test your ability to pay attention to detail and see if you can spot the hidden objects from these embeddable games at Monstera. It is quick and fun, and there is no need to download anything to play the game. Just visit the site, select the one you want to play, and enjoy, it is that simple. Without further ado, let us start the list.

1. Hidden Objects Crime Scene

Searching for clues to find the culprit in Hidden Objects Crime Scene

Play as one of the cops and find yourself in locations and help discover the perpetrator and solve the murders in Hidden Objects Crime Scene. The game brings you to different areas, jam-packed with items that will take your attention away from your target pieces. Get to enjoy awesome graphics and images designed to have every detail mix naturally with each other. There are also cool sounds and background noise that add to the immersion and the fun. So try it out now and get ready to keep an eye out for important evidence to catch the perpetrator!

2. Mystery Mansion

Find out the secrets hidden in the Mystery Mansion

Come and find out what hides behind the old abandoned Mystery Mansion left by your Aunt Elizabeth to reveal its secrets and protect the family heritage. The objects you are looking for are shown at the bottom of the screen, and they are already images instead of words. This is a huge help as you don't have to wonder what they would look like in the game. The music adds to the eeriness and complements the theme wonderfully by introducing an auditory horror element to the setting. Each stage represents an area of the mansion, and there is a story that flows into every completed or new level. Finish them all and find out the meaning behind your Aunt's letter.

3. Hidden Beauty Lifestyle

Hanging out with your besties in Hidden Beauty Lifestyle

Have fun with your friends and help them look for their missing items in Hidden Beauty Lifestyle and be on the lookout for their stuff before the time runs out. You can view the timer count down at the upper lefthand corner of the screen, and with each incorrect answer, you are deducted 10 seconds from the timer. So you better be sure of what you are clicking, or you may run out of time!

4. Mess in the Mall

Going on a shopping spree in Mess in the Mall

Focus your eyesight to get everything on your shopping list during a huge sale in Mess in the Mall. Take your pick from wonderful items to gorgeous wardrobes, and everything is yours for the picking. There are helpful features that can aid you in finding those things, and you can activate them by pressing the icons in the bottom part, which are on the opposite sides of your screen. The timer symbol adds 30 seconds to your total time while the magnifier locates an item from your list. You can use them once for free, and the succeeding uses require coins as an exchange. Gathering them up is simple; with every correct item you find, you get some coins to add to your funds.

To end, these are just a few hidden object games that you might enjoy when you check out the Monstera Games Platform. Their mechanics are simple, as well as the user interfaces as you only need to click on your targeted items, and that's it. You will surely have some fun when you try out these excellent picks without fuss. So bring out your A-game and see if you spot them all!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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