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3D Investigation
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Enjoy incredible scenes and find the clues to help solve cases.

Furnish your office to make it more comfortable and earn as you go.

Improve your facilities to access everything you need.

Leave no stone unturned as you join the brilliant and charismatic crime novelist, Rick Castle, and NYPD Detective Kate Beckett as they investigate gruesome crime scenes and help them catch the perpetrator in this amazing free-to-play hidden object game, Castle: Dangerous Game.

Based on the hit TV series by ABC Studios, this game features a wide variety of homicide cases for you to solve in the city that never sleeps, New York City. However, for those who are new to the genre, don’t worry - the game starts you off slowly with a tutorial case before handing you a fair bit of the reins so you could investigate cases with minimal supervision from Detective Beckett.

Each HO scene in Castle: Dangerous Game starts with 6 hidden objects (some of which will turn out to be vital evidences for your case) to find but as you replay the scene to earn stars (up to 5) the scene changes, the location of the objects changes and you’ll have more items to find. All the scenes are also timed and the time given per scene varies. You’ll get to see how much time you are given before you start a game.

The stars you’ve earned by playing scenes are then used to perform lab tests as well as forensic and other scientific analysis on collected evidences. Although you’ll need to wait for these tests to be completed, if the duration is less than 7 minutes, you’ll be able to speed it up for free. If not, you can always spend real cash to speed things up. Being an investigative-type hidden object game, interrogation also plays a crucial role in getting the information you need to advance the story and eventually, leading to the killer’s arrest and confession (usually in that order).

Similar to most HO games, each scene in this game will cost you energy to play. However, you can easily earn that spent energy back by waiting it out or you can recruit your friends as your “informants” and earn some free energy.

Castle: Dangerous Game even offers players a leaderboard to compete with their friends in terms of getting a higher “high score”. To rank high on the leaderboard though, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. The first being the game’s combo system. By locating hidden items continuously, you’ll trigger the combo system, allowing you to earn more points per item found, which in turn results in more in-game cash earned and a higher rank.

Tired of chasing down bad guys? Well, you can kick back and relax by spending some of the cash you’ve earned by playing HO scenes and use them to decorate the NYPD police station. The range of furniture and décor available in this game is pretty wide and you can even upgrade your furniture to further increase the comfort level of your police station. After all, a comfortable work place is the first step to increase efficiency of the police force as a whole, resulting in more cases solved.

The game’s graphics are pretty well-done as well. The scenes are beautifully drawn and the characters look so much like their real life counterparts. Aside from the only qualm I have with the game - the game doesn’t contain the signature theme song of the TV series, the music in the game is brilliant too.

All in all, Castle: Dangerous Game is a fun and entertaining hidden objects game with the likes of Criminal Case and CSI: Hidden Crimes. Players, who love the TV series and/or enjoy playing CSI-styled HO games, would absolutely adore this game. So, join the famous duo now and start putting those keen eyes of yours to good use! After all, like Castle likes to say, “Investigating murder mysteries is much more entertaining than writing about them”. Castle: Dangerous Game Summary

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Furnish your office to make it more comfortable and earn as you go.

Improve your facilities to access everything you need.
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