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Join the Police of Grimsborough to solve a series of cases in this captivating hidden object, adventure game.

Work crime scenes for clues, interview witnesses and suspects, and carefully analyze evidence to catch the true killers.

Play through all the levels and find the culprits and lock them away.

Welcome to Grimsborough, a town full of murder, mystery and intrigue. You are the newest detective for the Grimsborough Police department and its your job to track down and catch those murderers. Using your detective skills and the police forensic team you have everything you need to find the culprits.

When your first start you get to choose what you look like, and how you appear to your friends who also play. Once you have your look you are off to investigate your first case. Each case contains several hidden object scenes to play through and a variety of stages of questioning and examining evidence.

Each hidden object window that you play will cost you a little of your energy to play. Your energy will refill over time, and you can use food to restore it instantly. You can also ask your friends to send you a little energy too. When you find all of the items in the window you will score some points, these points count towards stars.

The stars are important as it’s how you move the story along and help in your investigations. For example if you wish to interview a suspect it will cost you 1 star, or examining a fingerprint will cost a star. Each case requires a certain amount of stars to complete, and there are also bonus investigations that you can do if you wish.

The object games themselves are amazingly well designed and illustrated. While there is no animation in the scenes the quality really shines through. Though the theme of the game is quite dark, investigating murders the whole game looks amazing. Inside and outside the scenes the graphics are amazing.

When you are playing through a scene your list of items appears at the bottom. You will have at least 1 hint, and as you play further into the game you will unlock more hints. Each item you find will increase your score, and if you find several items fast you will receive a multiplication bonus, so if you find 5 items fast the 6th item will have 5 times the points. This is especially useful when collecting points for stars.

There is no time limit in most of the scenes, but there are bonus games where you have 1 minute to find as many items as you can. They do not need to be completed for the story, but often they are good for the extra stars. These bonus games can also be great fun to play, as it breaks up the regular scenes a little.

Between each scene you will have the opportunity to analyse your evidence or interview a suspect. There are several types of evidence that can be collected, from the autopsy to a piece of paper or fingerprint. You have a specialist team of characters that help you with all of this, and each one that you do will take a certain amount of time. Each time it finishes you will get a clue as the who the killer is and these can then lead to questioning.

When you question someone you have the opportunity to get to know more of the story, both in this case and the overall story of the game. The interviews each cost 1 star and at the end of the process you might get an extra clue, or unlock a new scene to play through.

As well as stars scenes will also award you with coins and experience. As you gain experience you will go up levels, and each time you level your energy will be refilled to full. The coins can be spent on changing the look of your character, from clothes to hairstyles you can buy new things every time that you gain a new level.

There is also a second currency called cash. Cash allows you to skip certain parts of the game, or to buy energy food and drinks. You can spend cash to speed up a forensic test, or to instantly unlock an interview or scene. However cash can only be bought for real money from the website. There is also the option to buy coins. You don’t need cash to play or complete the game, but it will be faster if you use it.

Criminal Case is a huge and fabulous hidden object game, with over 50 cases and more coming out all the time there is so much to do. The scenes are incredible to play through, and while the objects don’t move between playing, there are a lot per scene so its always fresh and interesting. Some of the stories are very entertaining and the game is presented extremely well.

If you are a big fan of hidden object games, then Criminal Case is perfect for you. With loads to do, beautiful scenes and a great story arc this game has everything you could ever need and more. With a huge community of players for you to join and play with too, Criminal Case is a complete package game. Criminal Case Summary

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